Democrats, making America white…again

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

During his impressive speech, president Trump mentioned the record number of women in Congress which led to cheers and chants of “USA” from members of both parties.

With one exception all the Democrat women chose to dress all in white for the occasion. They only rose and cheered to celebrate the record number of women. They sat and were silent when everyone else stood and cheered for…

  • America,
  • Freedom,
  • Free enterprise,
  • Law enforcement heroes,
  • Record low unemployment for women & minorities,
  • The right of babies to live.

The ONLY time they clapped it was for themselves.

Senator Sinema was the one exception to the white robed Democrat clan of women.

As a result of the Democrat ‘clan’ of women choosing to dress all in white and only celebrate themselves many memes have been spread across the internet.