Donor disclosure shows how much the left are prepared to throw at the Greens

The Australian Electoral Commission has released the political donations disclosed for the last financial year. It shows some interesting patterns.

The major parties are raking in the dosh from the usual cronies, but what is really interesting is just how much cashed-up lefties are willing to throw away on their political pets. Quote:

The Liberal Party raked in $62.8 million in total receipts across all its state and territory divisions?Labor raked in slightly less with $60m in donations in the 2017-18 financial year, propped up by sizable union donations. End of quote.

None of this is too surprising for the major parties, nor is it any surprise where their money comes from. The conservatives got their lucre from banks and big business. Labor?s pockets are lined by unions, of course, and by energy companies and childcare providers: unsurprisingly, given the party?s announced policies to heavily subsidise both sectors.

But what stands out is just how cashed-up the Greens are. Quote:

The Greens?s total receipts totalled $12.9 million, including nearly $600,000 from academic Chilla Bulbeck and $200,000 from the Electrical Trades Union.

Mathematician and gambler Duncan Turpie gave the party $150,000, while Graeme Wood, a backer of The Guardian, tipped in $76,000. End of quote.

On aggregate, the two majors still out-earn the Greens but, per head, it?s a very different story. The Greens are a miniscule party, compared to the two majors. The Liberals number more than 240 members across federal, state and territory parliaments. Labor are slightly ahead, with just over 300. The Greens, meanwhile, total a paltry 22.

Which means that the Liberals received $26 000 for each of their elected members around the country. Labor were a little poorer off, at $20 000.

The Greens, though, raked in $60 000 per member. That is, three times as much money per member as either of the major parties.

The Greens are a very minor party ? in most parliaments around the country, one or two members ? having inordinate influence due to a recent trend for hung parliaments. They also enjoy a ridiculously high profile by virtue of being the darlings of the media.

Even more importantly, extremely wealthy leftists are happy to blow huge sums of money on their political pets. The Greens still hold the record for trousering the biggest single donation in Australian political history: $1.6 million from tech entrepeneur Graeme Wood. Wood also bankrolls the far left of Australian politics by propping up The Guardian.

Left wing activist group GetUp also spent more than $740,000 in the 2017-18 financial year on broadcasting, printing and the expression of political views as well as polling and research. End of quote.

Right-wing minor parties, meanwhile, are chugging along on shoestring budgets. Quote:

An entity controlled by businessman James Power, who is a backer of the conservative Advance Australia lobby, gave Cory Bernardi?s Australian Conservatives $100,000.

Former rich lister Francis Hargrave donated $30,000 to the Victorian division of the Australian Conservatives.

One Nation received $15,000 from Adani. End of quote.


So when the left start yammering again about ?getting big money out of politics? – they can start with themselves.