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The 86-year-old Swedish man has serious injuries.

Import people from a barbaric culture and you will become Sweden.

Today’s face of the day is called Ivar. He is 86 years old and he is Swedish. He was TORTURED for 83 hours by thieves. They burnt him with fire. Because he is poor he had no money to give them. The torture resulted in him losing both ears.

The mainstream media are not covering this story but it was covered by a Swedish new media site that specialises in telling the stories that the mainstream media ignores.

An elderly and wheelchair user has been brutally tortured in his home just north of Ronneby.?According to close relatives of the man, perpetrators for several hours beat and burned the man with fire while demanding his money.?As a result of the torture, the man’s ears were torn off.

It was at 11 o’clock on the Friday morning that an 83-year-old man in Kallinge, just outside Ronneby in Blekinge County, was found broken and burned in his home by relatives who visited him.

The family alerted the police and emergency services who arrived at a home in disarray and found a man who had been brutally tortured.?
The police investigate the crime as attempted murder and suspect that the brutal torture has taken place during Thursday evening or the night before Friday.- It is a very serious crime of violence,?explains?Fredrik Bratt, press spokesman at the regional management center.

In a?Facebook?post, a related?party tells the?man that the brutal torture should have been going on for several hours.?
The man “who barely can stand on his legs” and is sitting in a wheelchair was beaten, burned and kicked while the perpetrators demanded that he give them money, even though he had none.?[…]

On Saturday afternoon, the police announced that they had arrested three people suspected of committing the crime and are now searching for a fourth.?[…]

**Translation of the article altered by Whaleoil for clarity.