Face of the day

Auckland Pride board chairwoman Cissy Rock.

Today’s face of the day has an unenviable task ahead of her.

[…] Cissy Rock, the woman who admits she’ll be “infamous” as the current chair?of the Pride board, told me the?plan for 2020 will see more groups who’ve missed out before ??”gender minorities, non-binary and trans people”???funded to stage their events at Pride, which until now have been aimed mostly at “cis[gender], white men”.

“People are saying, ‘I know where I fit in now’,” Rock says.
That probably means a split down the middle;?different parts of the community supporting their own gigs.?Perhaps?there’ll be a parade and a march ??or maybe it’ll be more like Wellington Pride, where there is a morning hikoi, an evening parade and Out In The Park in Civic Square.
It will take more than one?go-around to bring the fractured relationships in the LGBTQI community back together, but Rock says she’ll try in the six months she has left in the job.

“Some people will see me as leading and including some of the most marginalised groups, and some will see me leading and destroying a perfectly fine parade,” she says.
“But you’ve got to be be bold. I’m up for that.”