Facebook punishes the victim again

Caption: When Jacinta Price exposed the hateful racism she cops, Facebook suspended her account.

Nobody does racism quite like the left. Despite all their ?woke? posturing, the left are as unforgiving of uppity ?coloureds? as an Ante-bellum South plantation owner. As soon as a member of one of their pet victim groups commits the unforgivable sin of going off the plantation, the punishing left descend like the Furies of Race-Hades.

Like Warren Mundine, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price knows full well the cost of speaking out against the left?s bigotries. When she defended TV host Kerri-Anne Kennerley, after the latter was accused of ?racism? simply for stating the shocking facts of abuse and violence against Aboriginal women and children, Price was subjected to a predictable deluge of vicious racism from leftists.

Then, to twist the knife, Facebook suspended her account, for drawing attention to it. Quote:

Coalition candidate and outspoken Aboriginal woman Jacinta Price has accused Facebook of painting her as ?the bully? for calling out hate speech on its platform.

The multibillion-dollar tech giant, which has suffered a series of scandals involving alleged abuse of its services and users? data, banned her from posting for 24-hours after she named and shamed racist abusers, Ms Price claims.

Facebook issued the ban after Ms Price published an opinion piece in News Corp newspapers supporting Kerri-Anne Kennerley, who has herself been accused of racism over the Australia Day debate.

Ms Price said she received hate mail after publishing the article and posted screenshots of some of the messages to show she could not be cowed. End of quote.

Here is just a sample of the abuse she received:

  • ?hope u die ya putrid scum dog u dnt deserve to be black ya slut?
  • ?You dirty wanna me white money hungry slut?
  • ?Maybe kak had a point you dumb slut? Quote:

?I was on it (Facebook) when suddenly I couldn?t do anything,? Ms Price said. ?Then they (Facebook) sent me a message that my post didn?t meet their community standards for harassment because I named and shamed these blokes that messaged me. Obviously, one of them had complained, and I was treated like the bully.?

Ms Price?s censored post referred to her abusers as ?pathetic lowlifes? and added that ?they and their ilk are the reason why Aboriginal people are being pulled down again and again!?

?This is how perpetrators try to silence their victims,? Ms Price wrote. End of quote.

Caught out yet again, Facebook quickly backtracked. Quote:

She accepted Facebook?s offer of a review but had heard nothing since. The 24-hour restriction applied to both her personal account and public page, which is unverified, Ms Price said.

Facebook told The Australian that Ms Price?s account had been temporarily suspended but had since been restored.

?One post was incorrectly removed as it included screenshots of private messages between individuals on Messenger, which resulted in Ms Price?s personal account receiving a temporary suspension,? a Facebook spokesperson said.

?However, we understand that Ms Price was sharing these screenshots to raise awareness and condemn the behaviour of individuals contacting her. We have since restored the post and lifted the 24-hour suspension on Ms Price?s account.? End of quote.