Fake “hate crime” is a Nigerian scam

Well, much as it pleases me to report that we at Whaleoil were right when we called the Jussie Smollett ?attack? a hoax, I must confess that I wasn?t completely right. In my original post, I pegged the affair as a lame cover-up for some sort of sexual shenanigans: a case of the Funky Spiderman gone wrong. Even I, cynic that I am, didn?t think that Smollett would be so dumb as to get a couple of his mates to stage a fake attack, leave evidence all over the place, and even forget to ditch his Subway sandwich.

But I forgot: he?s an actor. They?re not the sharpest tools in the shed, as a rule.

At least this sorry saga of celebrity stupidity has brought a new twist to the ol? Nigerian scam. Quote:

It came as police in Chicago suddenly released two Nigerian extras on Smollett’s show, who had previously been described as suspects in the attack, saying that ‘new evidence’ had emerged in their interrogations that requires further detective work.

Brothers Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo, 27, and Abimbola ‘Abel’ Osundairo, 25, were cut loose from police custody late on Friday. They had been held since Wednesday, after being picked up at O’Hare Airport while disembarking a flight from Nigeria. End of quote.

Nigerians are, after all, so easily mistaken for white guys. Quote:

Caption: This Tweeter wins the internet for today.

Surprise, surprise, they all hate Trump. Who would ever have guessed? Quote:

The two brothers are both strongly opposed to President Donald Trump and fervently pro-LGBT, fellow Empire cast and crew members tell TMZ. Both men are said to be loyal fans of former President Barack Obama.

Smollett is said to be close with the brothers and would frequently approach them on set to discuss health and fitness. End of quote.

Just as they did with the Covington kids story, the legacy media happily swallowed the fake story and regurgitated it as a hysterical moral tale about ?Trump?s America?. Don?t hold your breath waiting for them to admit that they were wrong, though. Quote:

Colleagues on the tight-knit Empire set said they had a hard time imagining that the Osundairo brothers could have been involved in the kind of homophobic and bigoted attack that Smollett described. End of quote.

See what I mean about actors being stupid? The brothers weren?t involved in any kind of ?homophobic and bigoted attack?, because it never happened, you dolts. As I wrote last week: The most notable thing about the recent rash of fake ?hate crimes? is just how easily they are exposed, how stupid the hoaxers are, and how gullible their supporters.

Meanwhile, the idiot hoaxer just keeps on digging himself a deeper hole. Playing the ?racist? card isn?t going to get him out of this one. Quote:

Smollett has continued to angrily denounce any speculation that the attack did not occur as he described, ascribing racist motives to skeptics and saying that no one would doubt him if he had reported being attacked by non-white assailants.

‘I will never be the man that this did not happen to,’ he told ABC on Wednesday. ‘I am forever changed.’ End of quote.


Well, for one thing, his career is over.