Foreign money and deceitful activists doing Labor’s dirty work

Caption: GetUp volunteers waiting for Labor to tell them which “independent” they’ll be campaigning for.

It?s long past the time that anyone can continue to maintain the fiction that GetUp are anything but a Labor front. GetUp?s image is built on a transparent tissue of deceit. If anyone is still gullible enough to buy their bullshit about being ?non-party political?, they probably also believe that their gaggle of pet attack poodles really are ?independents?. Quote:

The left-wing pressure group targeting government figures including Tony Abbott and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has developed a ?spine? of connections to independents who will run as Liberal-lite candidates in the federal election. End of quote.

Yet, for all their swagger, this clique of busybody nannas and unemployable ferals seems easily spooked by a conservative backbencher. Quote:

GetUp yesterday declared its hand by vowing to canvass every home in Mr Abbott?s Sydney electorate of Warringah to unseat the former prime minister.

A ?doorknocking resource? obtained by The Australianprimes volunteers to fan resentment against Mr Abbott. End of quote.

Push-polling is a deceptive ? and illegal in Australia ? technique which attempts to manipulate or alter prospective voters by under the guise of conducting an opinion poll. GetUp?s campaign sails as close the wind of push-polling as it?s possible to get. Quote:

The scripted talking points in Warringah leave no room for adlibbing by the big contingent of doorknockers GetUp is assembling to canvass 64,000 homes across the wealthy electorate?They will even be coached on how to frame their ?story??

In urging a vote against Mr Abbott at the probable May poll, the doorknockers will say: ?I see this election as an opportunity (to) raise our standards and vote out politicians who don?t act on the values we care about. If there was a candidate stronger on [x value], would you consider voting against them instead of Abbott??

If the answer is yes, the scripted follow-up is to say: ?OK, great. We recommend that you have a close look at some of the independent candidates who nominate to challenge Tony Abbott.? End of quote.

None of these candidates are ?independent?, not when they?re being bankrolled and staffed by Labor and its GetUp brownshirts. Quote:

The most prominent of them, Winter Olympian-turned-barrister Zali Steggall, has touted her family?s Liberal voting record while styling herself as a believer in the ?sensible centre?. She has come out for stronger action on climate change ? lining up with Labor, the Greens and GetUp ? and backs leniency for asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus Island as advocated by newly elected independent MP Kerryn Phelps, the successor to Malcolm Turnbull in formerly blue-ribbon Wentworth in Sydney?s east.

She has said she will ?accept help from GetUp in Warringah. End of quote.

Does that include the foreign money pouring into GetUp?s coffers ? many of them linked to George Soros? Labor campaigners moonlighting as ?independent? advisers? Quote:

GetUp is a common thread in the campaigns of the Liberal-lite independents, providing resources as well as expertise. Former Liberal Party identity and founding boss of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Oliver Yates, gunning for the Treasurer in his Melbourne seat of Kooyong, is advised by one-time GetUp media director Adrian Dodd, who also served as a communications adviser to the ACTU.

Mr Yates has contracted digital agency Code Nation, which explicitly tells clients it does ?not work with conservatives?. GetUp, Greens MPs Adam Bandt and Jenny Leong and Sydney?s leftwing Lord Mayor Clover Moore are among Code Nation?s clients. End of quote.


It?s time the Australian Electoral Commission took another ? and fair dinkum this time ? look at heavily-funded lobby groups doing Labor?s dirty work.