Forget the poll numbers look at the direction

The key thing to note about yesterday’s Colmar Brunton poll result is not the numbers but the direction.

The poll numbers are not bouncing around as Simon Bridges has claimed, they are going downward. The popularity of the National party is slowly sliding while the leadership remains stagnant. This means that Simon Bridge’s leadership is safe for now but he is on life support .

Some readers will be overjoyed to see that NZ First is also heading downward and, according to this latest poll, will be below the 5% threshold. Interestingly the One News’ political reporter said that she believes that NZ First will rally closer to the election as it has in the past under Winston Peters’ leadership.

What this second poll shows, however, is that National voters have nowhere to go which may be why the numbers are still quite high despite lacklustre leadership.

National has no mates. This is a serious problem because on this poll result a nightmare of epic proportions would be possible. Yes, hug your teddy bear tightly, it would allow Labour and the batshit crazy Greens to govern alone.

scared baby GIF

Be careful what you wish for.

Is this a second “rogue” poll or is it a warning shot across National’s bow?