Glorified sparrow roots coal miners

Caption: That’s a lot of crap for such a small bird.

If there?s one thing a green activist hates, it?s jobs. Not only do the feral watermelons assiduously avoid gainful employment themselves, they?re determined that no one else should have a job, either. Especially blue-collar workers. The green-left might talk a big game about ?the workers?, but they don?t want to see them actually working at the sort of un-green jobs that blue-collar workers are deplorable enough to do.

So, the green lobby leverage every lawfare tactic they can leech onto, in order to shut down nasty, profit-making, worker-employing industries. One of their favourites is the ‘endangered species’ gambit. There?s no project so big or so job-creating that it can?t be brought to a screeching halt by some obscure frog or beetle. Quote:

The endangered black-throated finch is on the verge of halting Adani?s controversial coalmine after a review by a Melbourne academi?c, commissioned by the Queensland government at the 11th hour, found the multi-billion-dollar project?s plan to protect the rare bird was inadequate. End of quote.

But it turns out that the real threat is not so much the endangered black-throated finch, as a common green-backed tit. Quote:

The Indian conglomerate, which has won state and federal environmental approvals over more than seven years of assessments, last night criticised the draft report by University of Melbourne ecologist Brendan Wintle, who was accused of bias over his associations with anti-coal activism?Adani last night attacked the report by Professor Wintle ? who tweeted a photograph last Nov?emb??er of two children holding a placard that read ?I?ll stop farting if you stop burning burn coal? ? as a ?shopping list of ideas? that went far beyond reviewing the management plan. ?As we anticipated, this draft report reads like an anti-coal, anti-mining, anti-Adani lobbying brochur?e,? an Adani spokeswoman said. End of quote.

Of course, there?s no green clown show without those two magic words… Quote:

Adani?s spokeswoman critic?ised the draft report for raising questions about how the finches would cope with climate change, and for citing research by an academi?c who had been ?actively campaigning against the Carmich?ael project for years?.

?Professor Wintle?directs the taxpayer-funded Threatened Species Recovery Hub. End of quote.

The phrases ?conflict of interest? and ?apprehended bias? are just so much blah-blah-blah to these anti-development zealots. On the other hand, their farting cacophony is music to the ears of a spineless Labor government. Quote:

Although Labor ministers were once enthusiastic about Adani?s plan to open the Galilee Basin, the project has since divid?ed the Palaszczuk government.

A key sceptic is left-wing Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, who hit back this week at Adani?s claims that Labor was deliberately frustrating the project. End of quote.

But Pluckachook is ever-so-keen on development when it might buy a few votes. Quote:

Labor?s approach to Adani contrasts with its approach to the Townsville Ring Road. The governme?nt did not seek an externa?l review before approving that popular project. End of quote.