Here come the boats again, thanks to Labor and the Greens

Caption: People-smugglers react to the passing of the “medivac” bill.

Once again, Labor and the Greens have conspired to throw open Australia?s borders to the refuse of the mostly Muslim third world.

Labor and the Greens lined up behind virtue signalling Labor plant ‘independent’ MP, multi-millionaire doctor Kerryn Phelps, to push through her anti-democratic bill that will allow an unelected panel of elitist technocrats to effectively run Australia?s border protection program. Ignoring the alarmed warnings from security agencies, these empty-headed watermelons voted to allow hand-picked panels of the kind of white-coated morons who compare Nauru to Auschwitz to wave through any country-shopping ‘asylum seeker’ who can fake a stomach ache.

Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what will happen. Unfortunately, even half-brains are in short supply on the left of the house. Quote:

Make no mistake, Labor has weakened border-protection laws that have stopped people-?smugglers, halted deaths at sea and put an end to the detention of 50,000 people. Yes, Labor has defeated the Morrison government but it was a shemozzle of a process involving emotionally driven independents, rushed decisions, deliberate avoidance of advice, constitutional defiance, the changing of parliamentary tradition and precedent, political bargains and brinkmanship.

The reality is that no matter how well-intentioned, compassionately minded or technically tricky the amendments Labor passed with the Greens and independents are, they will be interpreted or wilfully misrepresented by people-smugglers with waiting lists of desperate people wanting to come to Australia.

This has happened every time tough border-protection laws introduced by Labor and ?Coalition governments have been weakened and it means the deaths of hundreds of people. End of quote.


When I was much younger, a dodgy acquaintance of mine one told me, ?Mate, if yer want a sickie note or a script for some roofies, just go see Dr. M. He?ll set ya up, no questions asked?. Like any profession, there are always doctors venal enough, greedy enough, or just plain blinded by ideology, to happily sign off on anything. Fakeugees determined to get their greasy mitts into Australia?s welfare pot only have to find two.

But it gets worse: Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm has pointed out that ?this Bill also empowers doctors to select healthy people, who are unrelated to the patient, to accompany the patient to Australia. There is no review of this by the independent health advice panel. This power is ripe for abuse, from doctors who think they are god. The expertise of doctors does not extend to determining who should accompany a patient to Australia?. Quote:

Liberal senator Jim Molan, a key architect of the Coalition?s border security policy, says in the senate the medivac bill will restart the boats and that the Coalition.

?The level of naivety is incredible,? he says?

Scott Morrison says he will do everything he can to stop boats coming to Australia, but??If they do come, you can thank the Labor Party and Bill Shorten because he is the one who has led this process.

?Bill Shorten has done what he has done out of manifest weakness, an inability to stand up to the left wing of his own party, the Greens and others who have piled pressure to him.? End of quote.

In the end, the vote came down to former yellow journalist Derryn ?The Human Headline? Hinch. Useful idiot medicos and tabloid journalists have formed a cabal of elites to override what the Australian people have repeatedly endorsed at the ballot box.

That sound you hear is the cheers of criminal people-smugglers and country-shopping illegals as they rev the engines on the boats.

Caption: Cartoon by Johannes Leak.

The only good to come out of this schemozzle is that Shifty may well have just handed the next election to Morrison.