How socialism turns virtues into vice

By Tim Wikiriwhi.

Someone I know was at their child’s school purchasing school books for the new year when another parent struggling with a big stack of stationery was asked if she would like a bag. It was then that my friend said she had plenty of bags at home and asked the school staff if they would like her to bring them in; yet they declined her offer, exclaiming, ?Oh we don’t use plastic bags at this school!?

Obviously, this was part of their ?Conscientious Environmentalism?.
?How virtuous?, one might think? ?Great example for the children!? one might think? and yet again, how disingenuous, given that, when you do the maths, the ecological fact is that the more often a plastic bag is utilised, the less wasteful and the more ?environmentally friendly? it becomes.

So this school is not really acting conscientiously; it is actually ?not thinking.’ I think they are simply virtue signalling and pushing a populist leftist anti-plastic bag agenda. This agenda has managed to get the New Zealand government to impose a virtue-signalling prohibition on supermarkets using ?single-use? plastic bags to carry groceries from the counter? yet you can still put your various veges into their own plastic bags and now, for 15 cents, you can buy plastic bags far more substantial than the old ones with handles that have the big words “REUSE, REUSE, REUSE” printed on them!?

The whole thing is absurd and I am sure that this new prohibition has achieved less than nothing for the New Zealand environment. No doubt there are thousands of anti-plastic bag leftists who gush with delight when they see the thousands of socially-engineered shoppers using hessian bags to transport their purchases to their fossil fuel burner vehicles.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the environmentalist lobby using government force to impose their personal values on their neighbours.

What will be their next target? They are already hard at work trying to discourage people from buying meat and dairy products, and are lobbying for tax increases on these as we speak!

Photoshopped image by Pixy

This is how socialism works. Socialism despises freedom and encourages taxes, tyranny and oppression to grow; all under a cloak of virtue? ?Saving the planet?? etc etc.

?Who cares?? a ‘woke’ vegan might declare! To many zealous eco-warriors, the end justifies the means. When the government crushes their values, the ?government is evil?; yet when ‘woke’ people wield the power and use it to crush the values of those they despise then, all of a sudden, ?government is awesome!?

Socialism is all about power and control. It is immoral, anti-virtue and pro-slavery! Walk with me a while and I?ll explain how socialism can take good values and turn them into the evil tools of oppression. It can take virtuous ideals and make them the tools of evil powers, and this current plastic bag ban is a great example.

Some of these kinds of images are fabricated for propaganda purposes

Now I know of a good and decent person who, after reading and watching all the horror stories about ?massive floating islands of plastic waste in the oceans’ (photos of fish and birds with plastic items trapping them, or carcasses on the beach with plastic spilling out of their entrails etc.), has become very concerned about plastic waste in the environment, to the extent that she will wash out all their household plastic packaging, store it all and then travel to wherever necessary to ensure that it is either recycled or otherwise ?ethically disposed of?.

Even though I believe New Zealanders suffer from a gigantic amount of deceptive propaganda about environmentalism, I would never suggest that her concerns for the environment were not of themselves virtuous, or that her activities and self-imposed disciplines with respect to plastic were not completely within her rights, as long as she was doing these things voluntarily. Even if some of her behaviour is not actually achieving any real-world benefits to the environment she is absolutely within her rights to try and live her life according to her own values and the dictates of her heart. That is what having personal values and beliefs are all about! That is what self responsibility is all about and what a free society is all about.

Having a society of enlightened self-responsible citizens who voluntarily follow virtue. That is how you save the environment. That is how you have a population that does not need a policeman in every bush to prevent them from littering or laws to prevent them from making poor choices when they shop.

A year ago, when she was voluntarily bringing her own carry bags to the supermarket so as to avoid using the plastic bags they provide for her convenience, she could claim that she was acting conscientiously and virtuously, but not now. Not since the Labour-Green government’s silly ban on shopping bags, because the government has taken away the virtue of this activity, and effectively turned it into an act of slavery.

Virtue is a matter of conscious action? not compulsion.

A year ago some supermarkets (like Countdown) were picking up on this popular environmentalist feeling and had decided that they would voluntarily stop using plastic bags. They acted without the need for government to?impose?a?law and, though this did impose some inconvenience for shoppers which some would not have appreciated, many others, like my environmentalist friend, would have been greatly pleased by this and no doubt she would have switched to doing her shopping at Countdown. A perfect match of capitalism and happy consumers because it was mutually voluntary and involved no coercion.

This way of getting rid of plastic carry bags was completely within the libertarian paradigm, was completely within the requisites of virtue and showed that social change can and does happen without socialist government intervention.

The socialist liberal eco-warriors of the Labour and Green parties have zero respect for liberty and voluntary action and have effectively ruined the progress of freedom by imposing a nationwide ban on plastic supermarket carry bags; taking away from Countdown their voluntary progressive decision and point of difference from other supermarkets.

These political parties act and virtue signal that their use of political power has made New Zealand cleaner and greener when in reality our country was already moving in that direction without prohibitions via voluntary conscious action.

These are the very same socialist political parties that have the cheek to think they are experts on adult behaviour and the principle of consent!
All their policies and everything they do are anti voluntary action and anti-consent. Multiply this anti-freedom, anti-voluntary action, anti-consent mentality and activity across the board, and you easily see why socialism is oppressive and tyrannical functioning by coercion. It generates a nation of slavish zombies whose actions are not truly virtuous at all.

The notion that ?the end justifies the means? turns out to mean that any supposed desired end can be used to justify evil actions and powers.
It’s the pseudo-justification for evil political parties manufacturing evil and oppressive laws.

This modus operandi is constantly at work as they look for more apparent ?virtues? to turn into political weapons to rob their enemies of their freedom and to further their party political ambitions.

Libertarians already know this and so my post is mainly aimed at ?woke’ folk: eco-warriors, feminists, etc. to show them how their values and ideals are being distorted and how they are being fooled into supporting tyranny; just as surely as some Christians have been duped by politicians into supporting tyranny against gays, prostitutes, drug users etc.

This is the vice I am referring to: the vice of supporting totalitarian government that tries to circumvent liberty and personal virtue, substituting these with compulsions and prohibitions. This is what I mean when I say socialism systematically turns virtues (and values) into vice.

I am a Christian who holds Christian values and beliefs, yet I know that Christian virtues cannot be imposed upon unbelievers by political force but can only be legitimate when voluntarily embraced by those who have heard the Christian arguments and believe them in freedom; for this is the only way true virtues like charity work? from the heart.

Social welfare is not charity because it is funded through involuntary taxes. It is the opposite of charity. It is a counterfeit charity. So too is the current ban on the use of plastic shopping bags a counterfeit virtue. Socialism is a counterfeit morality.

Satan appears as an angel of light and, laughing, spreads his wings.