How to assist the Moderation team: Two simple steps

I recently received an e-mail from a loyal reader who wanted me to know that they had contacted our complaints department about an inappropriate comment.

It made me realise that many of you may still be unclear about the correct and most efficient and effective way to assist the moderation team when an inappropriate comment has been made.

If you see a comment that breaks our rules or you feel does not fit within our guidelines these are the two simple steps to follow.

  1. Alert the moderators by clicking on the ?Flag as inappropriate? option, found to the far right of the line on which the poster?s username appears.

2. Then select ?Targeted harassment?.

The reason we ask you to do this (even if the comment is not targeted harassment) is because of the way that Disqus works.

If you select targeted harassment an immediate alert will be sent to the moderation team which will enable them to act as soon as possible.

By following these two simple steps you can help the moderation team to keep Whaleoil a well moderated and respectful place to discuss and debate.