I can’t imagine JT asking permission from the Missus

Many years ago an acquaintance of Cam’s was concerned because Cam was regularly spending evenings away from home meeting up with other bloggers for a chin wag. He was concerned that Cam would be in trouble with me as he didn’t expect that I would have given my permission for him to spend so much time with his friends. Cam’s response was to laugh loudly and, when I heard about it, I thought that it was hilarious.

Interestingly Phil Goff is giving the impression that his personal future as Auckland’s Mayor is subject to the concerns of his wife.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says his wife, Mary, is asking if he “ever wants to have a life” as he considers running for mayor again.


I have been reliably informed that Goff is reluctant to give up on the mayoralty until he has some jobs lined up to jump to. If JT wants to eliminate the competition, perhaps he should offer him the role of disestablishing all the Council Controlled Organisations?

I thought Pants-down Brown was Auckland’s worst ever mayor but anti-free speech, fuel tax Goff has made him look like a statesman in comparison. Brown couldn’t keep it in his pants but Goff has his hand in everyone’s pants pocket with his rate increases and his astounding Auckland regional fuel tax.

Who could ever have imagined that a mayor could find a way to take money for a product totally unrelated to council and ratepayer services? I still can’t believe that he was allowed to get away with it.

Our daughter once commented to me that some people’s names sound like swear words when said loudly.

I have to agree. It is way past time for him to Phil Goff!