If you’ve just lost your house, a transgender bathroom is the least of your worries

Caption: The army’s new diversity unit swings into action.

Australia?s former Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison was a soldier who spent his entire career driving desks. Morrison somehow climbed the ranks without ever seeing active combat. But if nothing else, ?General High Heels? was less POG than SNAG: a sensitive soul who didn’t want any toxic masculinity in his army. Not so much a rough man with a gun as a white knight on a mission.

It was Morrison, after all, who decorated the famous ANZAC Rising Sun badge with a big, gay rainbow and publicly proclaimed his priorities as ?action on a republic, domestic violence and gender equality?.

Morrison might have retired, but the fairy-dust he sprinkled over the khaki glitters on. Quote:

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has labelled as “peak stupid” a $96,000 message from a federal government-funded guide telling emergency service agencies to promote a ?gender-sensitive approach? to the planning for and ?delivery of disaster relief and recovery. End of quote.

Who cares if the army wins wars or not? Providing timely and effective disaster relief is also a secondary concern. The important thing is that they?re sensitive. Quote:

The Daily Telegraph reports, it was developed by Victoria-based organisation Women?s Health Goulburn North East with funding provided by the federal ?Attorney-General?s office.

In the event of a natural disaster, such as catastrophic bushfires or deadly floods, the guide says it is vital emergency evacuation shelters are equipped with transgender bathrooms, while household emergency plans should be updated through a ?gender lens?. End of quote.

?A gender lens?? So, trannies and lesbians first? But, are they preparing for the really important stuff, and packing a few cases of spare hijabs? Quote:

The guide says, ?These guidelines are ?designed to address the needs of women, men, and everyone of diverse gender and sexual identities, including LGBTI people, and to minimise the negative impact of gender stereotypes on all members of the community.? End of quote.


In a bushfire or flood, the only need anyone has is getting the hell out of there alive. Dunnies for blokes in dresses are surely a far, far less pressing priority. If the Goulburn North East Lesbians Knitting Circle really want to be of use in an emergency, how about they try getting their flabby arses out on the front line instead of burdening hard-working diggers with their idiotic rainbows?n?fluffy kittens nonsense?

But that would require hard work and commitment. Easier to just stick to writing grant applications and feeding their herds of cats.