‘Intersex’ people offended by chocolate

You?d think that a chocolate bar to raise a bit of money for Plunket wouldn?t offend anyone. But nope, at least not according to Stuff, as apparently there?s been a ?backlash?. quote.

Quote:Whittaker’s latest chocolate block has been criticised for erasing people in the rainbow community and promoting “antiquated” gender stereotypes.

The new Coconut Ice Surprise blocks, made to support Plunket, come in blue or pink, and customers find out which colour they’ve received when they open the block. The product is a take on baby gender reveal parties, which have become popular in New Zealand and worldwide.End of quote.

Sounds like a bit of harmless fun. quote.

Quote:Several people criticised the campaign on social media as erasing intersex, transgender, gender non-binary and gender-fluid people.

?Gender reveal parties are weird because they presuppose two genders and also that you can determine a baby’s gender by its genitals,” wrote one Twitter user.End of quote.

Presupposing facts is wrong now is it? quote.

Quote:[…]?Seriously @WhittakersNZ – this is such an antiquated and gross campaign – blue for boys and pink for girls? Yuck and yuck. What about all colours for everyone,” another Twitter user wrote.End of quote.

Because pink for girls, blue for boys. quote.

Quote:Rainbow Youth executive director Frances Arns says the campaign erases intersex, gender-fluid and gender non-binary people.

[…]”It’s a shame that they used a binary notion of gender, which is erasing many of the identities that exist in the rainbow community.”End of quote.

Do you know how many babies are born ?gender fluid?? None. quote.

Quote:[?]?New Zealand has come so far with marriage equality and removing the cap on surgeries for transgender people, but there is a counter movement of people going back to conventional understandings of gender.End of quote.

There is no counter movement. The idea that gender is fluid has never been accepted. quote.

Quote:Whittaker’s said in a statement it wanted to create a product that supports Plunket and is “connected to the nostalgic coconut ice treat”.

“Coconut ice is usually pink so that’s where we started, but given Plunket’s association with babies we went for blue as our other coconut ice colour. We’re proud the funds raised will go towards Plunket’s Raise a Bundle campaign, which helps nurture kiwis for the first 1000 days of their life.”End of quote.

Big mistake by Whittaker’s. They should have said nothing. quote.

Quote:The campaign was “intended to be a bit of fun … rather than to create controversy or offend anyone”.End of quote.

Quote:[…]Victoria University sociologist Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, who came out as intersex in a Stuff article last year, says she likes Whittaker’s but is disappointed with the campaign.

Intersex is an umbrella term for people born with a range of reproductive and sexual anatomy, hormonal conditions, or chromosomal arrangements that don’t quite fit traditional binary definitions of male and female.End of quote.

So Whittaker’s can?t come up with a tongue in cheek ?gender reveal? chocolate because 2% of the population are intersex? Quote.

Quote:[?]Such campaigns are “small everyday reminders that me and trans people and gender fluid people are not included in society to its full extent. These things seem minor but they add up”.End of quote.

Oh, get over yourself. quote.

Quote:[?]Auckland University of Technology Psychology senior lecturer Pani Farvid says Whittaker’s heart is in the right place but the campaign missed the mark.

“We, in academia, are working really hard to dispel the gender binary model as we know there are more than two genders and that ascribing blue and pink to boys and girls is stereotypical.

“People can present as feminine or masculine and have the matching genitals or not. People who don’t fit into pink or blue boxes are sadly excluded from this campaign.”End of quote.

Of course it is no surprise it?s an academic psychologist spouting this claptrap.

In my day you were straight, gay, bi, lezzie, butch, camp, a girls blouse but you were male or female. Now it?s all ?gender fluidity?.

As for Rainbow Youth, to me at least, they are fast becoming a laughing stock and gaining a reputation as a bunch of radical nut-jobs. Those they supposedly represent deserve better.