Is Jacinda more left-wing than Socialist International?

Credit: Comrade Jacinda FB page

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was previously President of the Youth Wing of Socialist International so you would expect her government’s stance to match theirs on Venezuela.

You would be wrong. Jacinda’s stance on Venezuela is more left-wing than theirs as she refuses to distance New Zealand from Venezuela?s socialist dictator Nicol?s Maduro let alone condemn him. Socialist International, on the other hand, has been forced to distance itself from Maduro.

It has to do this because how else can it say with any conviction that Socialism is a good system of government? It has to take the position that Maduro failed to implement socialism correctly in Venezuela, otherwise it would have to admit that socialism always fails. quote.

The Socialist International (SI), the largest coalition of leftist political parties in the world, condemned Venezuela?s socialist dictator Nicol?s Maduro as ?illegitimate? and lent its full support to the nation?s opposition in a meeting of its Council on Tuesday.

[…] Maduro?s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is not a member of the SI. While Maduro and his supporters in the United States have attempted to paint the opposition as conservative, right-wing, or fascist, Popular Will, the opposition political party that Venezuela?s Interim President Juan Guaid? helped found, does belong to the SI. end quote.


Why is New Zealand backing Maduro?

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