Is this mummy brain?

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Mike Hosking had to chase Jacinda Ardern down for straight answers to many of his questions this week. He failed. But is it too much to expect the prime minister to have answers at her fingertips?

Hosking asked why Ardern has not met with, and has no immediate plans to meet with China, our largest trading partner. When will she visit China?


 ?Um. I wouldn?t want to speculate on that, that only sets up arbitrary time lines.?

Hosking asked who in the Inland Revenue decided that a political poll was appropriate.


 ?Um? yeah? they had a question? um?. I?. I? don?t know who made that decision. Certainly, the minister didn?t know.?

Hosking reminded Ardern that the government has signalled last week that an announcement on polytechs was imminent. When would it be?


 ?Um? imminently, very shortly.? This week, asked Hosking?


Imminent usually means ?not too far away?.

Hosking said Real Estate NZ want new KiwiBuild targets before the next election. Why won?t Ardern set new KiwiBuild targets?


 ?We?ve got a target. It?s 100,000 houses in 10 years.?

On Maori unemployment rates that Ardern claims are trending down for the first time in ten years but Hosking reminds her they have been trending down for years.


?Again, I just want to go and cross check here what you are claiming.?

Hosking asks Ardern why NZ First were not at the recent breakfast meeting with business NZ, suggesting ?scheduling? might be the reason.  Ardern goes on the back foot with a spiel of justifying herself.


?You know, we are facing some headwinds. We have strong fundamentals. We have the second lowest unemployment in a decade. You know we are running surpluses. Our growth projection is particularly relevant to? ah? opposed to some of those developing nations? is strong at roughly 3% but we are facing some headwinds. We do need to focus on diversifying our trading partners.?

What headwinds? What fundamentals? This clumsy bunch of new ideas has nothing to do with the unanswered questions during this interview. Can we blame mummy brain?