It is not fat shaming or even flaunting your curves, it is racist!

I really thought we had got beyond judging people by their size and so was a bit taken aback to read that many?M?ori?and most Pasifika people take umbrage at the ?obese? label lumped on them when ?western standards? are applied to their weight.

Gina Sausau?s story about getting rid of the bulge after three children and being too busy to exercise is a common problem for any woman, regardless of her culture.Quote.

The 31-year old encourages others – mainly M?ori and Pasifika people – motivating them with her words and inspiring them into action.

Yet three years ago, she was a different, physically and mentally heavier woman.

“I really hated my body, everything about it,” she says. “I was feeling like I was falling into depression.?

  Stuff end quote

Sausau probably was actually depressed. The extra weight we carry brings with it a higher risk of depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and joint issues.  Take your pick – they are all bad. Quote.

Sausau’s sister invited her to join a startup health programme called BBM (Brown Buttabean Motivation), it was full of people like them: big and brown.? End of quote.

Big and brown welcome, big and white not so much? As a fat white buttabean, I could take umbrage at being excluded, but I don?t.

Instead I want to give credit to the brown buttabean gals getting on the ladder of a healthier lifestyle; but please don?t call the rest of the world racist ? if you want to see a racist, look in the mirror. Quote.

There was no shame.

“I always feel like our bootcamps are safe environments because you don’t have to feel like you’re being judged. Everyone is on the same journey as you.”

Sausau, of Samoan descent, says many of those attending BBM don’t feel comfortable in gyms or with health professionals who don’t understand them culturally.

“You want to lose weight but you have people that look at you a certain way, ‘oh look this place isn’t for you’. A bigger person may not feel comfortable going into a gym because they might feel judged.”

End quote.

Culturally, smulcherally ? this is nonsense. Brown people don’t have first dibs on being fat. It?s all in your head because of your racist attitude which stopped you from joining a gym with a surfeit of white buttabeans. You prejudged and assumed you would not be welcome.

There is so much history we women have about being larger than average. Plus size models, plus size clothing and plus size celebrities abound.  Get over yourself and decide whether you want to stay plus size or not.

If you decide to stay big you know you will have to deal with the health issues, but don?t blame the white buttabeans busy doing something about their weight and their health for your own reticence. Decide what you want and go after it. All power to buttabeans everywhere, brown or white!