It’s official. You can’t just write ‘Maori’ on a piece of paper and call it a drivers licence

Well it looks like you can’t just go around with your name written on a piece of paper, with the word ‘Maori’ written on it and have it accepted as a legal driver’s license anymore!

It seems that the NZ Supreme Court have told Michael Raymond Main to go forth and fornicate with himself, and have chucked out his application to have his case heard there.

It seems that Mr Main was stopped by a member of the ever-vigilant Hamilton boys in blue back in 2017, after one of them realised that the number plate on Mains’ Commodore looked a bit sus. Turned out it was – in that it was fake. So of course a little more digging ensued and it was realised that the car had also been green stickered in the past for being a dodgy heap of excrement.

The best bit was yet to come though when Mains handed over a piece of paper with his name scribbled on it, and proudly endorsed with the word ‘Maori” upon it, claiming that as he was Tangatawhenua and the laws of the land did not apply to him (or at least I presume to the portion of him that had all the Maori blood in it).

Now I have seen this type of thing before. I was once handed a home made licence by a middle aged Maori looking chap who claimed a similar thing, but at least he had gone to the effort of making it look a bit like a licence and even sealed it in plastic. From memory that one was issued by some high priest from the Independent Republic of Aotearoa or some-such. Naturally that chap was issued with heaps of fines and sent packing with the advice to feel free to take the matter to court if he wished. NZ Herald

Well finally one of these clowns has done just that. Mains was found guilty in the Community Magistrates Court. He then applied to appeal to the District Court which failed. Then onto the High Court where he was again kicked in the nads and was told by Justice Brewer in dismissing his action, that the law applies “to everyone in New Zealand regardless of race”.

But that still wasn’t good enough for this amazing representative of all that is right and just in New Zealand. His attempt to take his case to the Court of Appeal fell over at the first hurdle when the Deputy Registrar also told him to bugger off without accepting his application. Unperturbed, Main applied for a review of the deputy registrar’s decision by a judge, who upheld the registrar’s decision.

Not to be one to accept when he was on a hiding to nothing, Mr Main then applied to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately for the Rocket Surgeon Mains, the Supreme Court also declined to hear his case which I guess has left him with no recourse other than perhaps to go to the UN Human Rights Commission where he will probably be exonerated after being defended by the most impressive of all of New Zealand’s genocidaire defenders, Miss Golly G.

Until then I guess we are stuck with the situation that we are all the same and that it doesn’t matter if your skin is the colour of mud, custard or vanilla, we’re all the same under the law.

Such a shame, I was just about to start selling my new range of bespoke driver’s licenses. I could’ve made a packet. I already had some made for a few people who identified as different things.