Jacinda the 5th highest paid premier in the OECD

You’re going to love this. quote.

New figures show Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the fifth highest paid leader in all OECD countries.

Consultancy group IG studied the annual base pay of 32 member countries to figure out where each head of government sits.

Ms Ardern earns NZ$491,117 (USD $339,862) per annum, more than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

If she was to split her salary evenly by the population of New Zealand, everyone would receive 10 cents. end quote.

Do you think she’s worth more than Teresa May? Whatever your opinion on the Brexit debacle, Teresa May has worked very hard to get as good a deal as possible for Britain. Jacinda just seems to want to sell New Zealand down the river. quote.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull earns NZ$762,775 (USD $527,854) per annum – more than any other head of government in the OECD.

Then comes Switzerland President Alain Berset on NZ$697,898 (USD $482,958), United States President Donald Trump on NZ$578,020 (USD $400,000), and Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel on NZ$534,274 (USD $369,727). end quote.

Interestingly, when her salary is examined from the point of view of the highest pay per dollar of their country’s average wage, Jacinda is the third highest paid, behind Enrique Pe?a Nieto of Mexico and Scott Morrison of Australia. She is streets ahead of Donald Trump too, who comes in at eighth when measured this way.

With New Zealand having a lower average wage than many other OECD countries, Ms Ardern makes NZ$12.47 (USD $8.63) for every dollar earned by a Kiwi on the average wage.

end quote.

She took 6 weeks maternity leave, took a private plane to Nauru because she was breast feeding, vanished without trace for about 6 weeks over Christmas, popped up rubbing shoulders with the elite at Davos (but doing absolutely nothing of benefit to New Zealand), cooked a barbeque breakfast at Waitangi, had lots of photo opportunities, giggled at Winston mocking Simon Bridges accent in parliament… has insulted the POTUS, fallen out with Malcolm Turnbull, written an insulting letter to the EU, claiming we fought side by side with them when we actually fought on the opposite side from Germany twice… need I go on?

Oh yes. She has insulted India, and continued to support Venezuela’s Maduro, who is systematically starving his own people.

Are you feeling ripped off yet?

John Key earned his salary, but donated it to charity because he didn’t need the money. How far we have fallen in such a short time.