Kicking out whitey in SA. South Australia, that is

Caption: It’s not much, but it’s home. Unless you’re white. Picture: Graham Grocott.

When Tony Abbott suggested that certain remote Aboriginal communities were unsustainable and that government money should no longer be used to prop up the lifestyle choices of their inhabitants, the left exploded with fury.

Despite the left?s lies, Abbott never proposed actively ?closing down? communities. What he suggested was axing lavish government funding, and leaving them to stand or fall on their own dime. It was the state government of Western Australia which talked about subsequently closing them down.

Now, another state government is talking about forcibly closing down a remote community ? except that this community is white. Naturally, the left are silent. Quote:

The white residents of an opal-mining town in South Australia?s remote Aboriginal lands will cite racial discrimination in their legal battle against the state government after it terminated the township?s residential lease, ahead of its move to expel locals as early as today.

In July the town?s management will revert to the local APY board, which has been leasing Mintabie to the state government since the early 1980s.

The predominantly white settlement, 980km northwest of Adelaide, is home to up to 60 full-time residents and has been operating as a predominantly white settlement since 1976.

While Mintabie residents have long been accused of supplying drugs and alcohol to the Aboriginal people, the townspeople vehemently deny the claims, telling The Australian they feel unfairly demonised. End of quote.

?Accused? by whom? What proof is there? Or is this just a land-grab, to rob the people who?ve improved the place? Quote:

They are also furious they will lose their homes, many of which may look like a collection of sheds and tin shacks from the outside, but have been renovated to include new kitchens and features.

Resident Gertrude Haanstra, 70, who runs a clothes store with her husband, Phil, 79, and son, Robert, 47, told the crowd yesterday she held fears for her future as she had no savings or superannuation to speak of, and had lost $60,000 last year to multiple robberies. Originally from Poland, she raised two children in the town while manufacturing and selling clothing for the miners and their families.

While Ms Haanstra said compensation would help, it ?wasn?t the solution? and she wanted to remain in Mintabie.

Under the current arrangement, residents have until June 30 to move out of the community they built. They will not be provided with compensation or financial assistance to relocate their possessions or machinery.

But in a recent development, some locals, who were late in or failed to renew their lease payments, have been told they must vacate their properties today?

If the case proceeds in Federal Court, it will be the second time the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara state legislation will be called into question over provisions within section 9 of the ?Racial Discrimination Act?the High Court?in 1985 found non-Pitjantjatjara could be lawfully excluded under the act on the grounds of a ?special measure?. End of quote.


?Special measure? based on race? Sounds like racial discrimination. But, as we all know, racial discrimination and dispossession is all fine and dandy with the left, just so long as it?s happening to white people.