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The government has basically given up all pretence of building houses for first time buyers ‘locked out’ of the housing market. At their retreat at an exclusive Martinborough vineyard, they have decided to remove all the ‘interim’ Kiwibuild targets and concentrate only on building 100,000 houses over 10 years.

It is a startling admission of failure. quote.

Interim targets for the Government’s housing scheme KiwiBuild have been dropped, as Jacinda Ardern and Phil Twyford say the program is being “re-calibrated.”

The programme has hit a bump in the road, with the Housing Minister admitting the Government would fall well short of 1000 homes by the end of the first year, instead building just 300.

On Wednesday, Mr Twyford and the Prime Minister addressed media and said although the interim targets are no more, the original goal of 100,000 houses in 10 years remains the same. end quote.

This government treats voters as if they are stupid. It goes without saying that if they can’t build 1,000 houses in the first year, they are not going to build 100,000 in 10 years. All the problems that exist in the first year, such as a lack of land, a lack of builders, and slow consent processes, are not going to magically disappear. The cumulative balances outstanding each year will just get bigger and bigger. If they had started by addressing some of those problems, they might have had a chance, but they didn’t. They just tried to build more houses in an already stressed market. It was never going to happen. quote.

“Interim targets haven’t been a useful way to demonstrate our delivery program,” said Ms Ardern.

end quote.

That is because the government has not delivered, on this or on anything else. So, instead of trying to address the problems, they remove the measurement system: meaning that no one will have a clue how many houses, if any, they have actually built.

They won’t be around in 10 years to be measured on their final target either, so in other words, it is all just hot air. Again. quote.

“Yes, we still need to be transparent and we still need to demonstrate to the public what we’re doing – but our 100,000 goal hasn’t changed.”

end quote.

Having clearly defined targets was a way of being transparent. All they have done is to remove the method by which they can be measured. Now they can’t be criticised for failing to meet their targets, because they don’t have any. Disgraceful. quote.

Mr Twyford said a paper will be delivered to Cabinet in the coming weeks that will “recalibrate” the policy. Ms Ardern says that recalibration will then be shared publicly.

“We’re looking at how we can make Kiwibuild a stronger incentive for developers, and how we can make it better for first home buyers,” said Mr Twyford.

“The idea is to provide a package of assistance for developers that will be enough of an incentive to get them to commit to serious volumes of homes over a number of years.”

Newshub end quote.

This is the end of Kiwibuild. It will simply vanish; every time they are questioned about it, the answers will just be some vague claims of building all these houses at some point in the future, with no hope of ever actually achieving anything real.

This government should not have made promises it was never going to be able to keep. This is just more proof that they never expected to be in government, because they never had a clue how they were going to build all the houses they promised. Make no mistake though. This is an enormous backdown by the government, who are trying to save face… and failing miserably.