Labor, Greens put fakefugees first, national security second

Caption: Country-shopping fakefugees are overboard with joy.

Greens MP Adam Bandt let the cat out of the burqa on Tuesday night, when he boasted on Twitter that the Greens were ?putting refugees first?. Labor and the Greens are putting Australians and their security a distant second to lefty virtue-signalling, with their reckless decision to throw a lifeline to the dregs squatting in Manus and Nauru.

The left are so drunk on their own moralising that they?re completely ignoring not only the history of their previous disastrous mishandling of border security, but also the clear warnings from security agencies. Quote:

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton?says Bill Shorten ignored advice from security officials in backing medivac legislation. End of quote.

The Third World refuse in Manus are there for very good reasons. Many have been repeatedly rejected on security grounds. PNG locals angrily complain that the ‘asylum seekers’ are peddling drugs and exploiting child prostitution. A ‘refugee’ from Nauru is currently facing court for sexually assaulting nurses, after he was brought to Australia using precisely the same ‘medivac’ excuse Labor and the Greens have just rammed through parliament. Quote:

?[Shorten] was given certain advice in relation to the bill proposed by he and the Greens and he chose to ignore the specific advice given to him by the Director-General of ASIO. By the chief of the Defence Force. By the General in charge of Operation Sovereign Borders. By the head of my department,? [Dutton] says.

?He has shown a reckless course of action that will see people coming from Manus Island who have been accused of being in sexual relationships with 14-year-old girls. There is a person who stands accused of murder in Iran who, under the Labor Party?s proposal, will have a right of entry into our country.

?This Leader of the Opposition has demonstrated that he is even worse, that he is even weaker, Mr Speaker, than Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard combined.? End of quote.

Meanwhile, the government is wasting no time preparing for the inevitable result of the left?s perfidiousness ? and exploiting what may well prove to be Shifty?s most disastrous misstep. Quote:

Scott Morrison says he expects the medivac bill will pass the Senate and he has approved the reopening of the Christmas Island detention centre.

?Not surprisingly, I understand the Senate will be passing the bill that went through the house yesterday,? he said in Canberra today.

?Earlier today, I convened a meeting of the National Security Committee to take the decisions that were necessary following on from the contingency planning that had been put in place over the last couple of weeks.

?We have approved putting in place the reopening of the Christmas Island detention facilities, both to deal with the prospect of arrivals as well as dealing with the prospect of transfers.? End of quote.


While it?s more than likely that we?re going to need Christmas Island up and running again asap, as the people smuggling trade ramps up in response to Labor?s white flag, this is also a brutally political move by Morrison. Border security is Labor?s most vulnerable Achilles heel. Voters remember all too well that, each time the Coalition stopped the boats, Labor started them right back up again.

In case any forget, Morrison is giving them a short, sharp reminder.