Let’s co-opt some words

Other people seem to get away with co-opting language for their own purposes so perhaps we can promote some words of our own.

Classic liberal

Willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas. Favours individual liberty and free trade

Faux liberal

Liberal in name only. Statist


Uses ideas of diversity to discriminate for or against particular groups

Race denier

Believes Englishmen can run as fast as Kenyans

Race aware

Understands and respects differences between races – not prejudiced

Agenda science

Science that seeks political outcomes rather than truth

Climate sheep

People who follow what they believe to be the consensus

U Next

Promoting exit from the united nations

Racial pimping

Promoting people based on their race rather than their ability

On their Marx

Spouting Marxist-Leninist dogma

Free-speech butter

Believes in free speech as long as they agree with it. Spreads misinformation


Contrived sexist arguments to criticise actions or statements of a male opponent

Sexual fluids

People who claim sexuality is a social construct


Those who seek to protect their homeland from invaders


Destruction in the name of Maori language


Fear, hatred of, or prejudice against normal people generally, especially when seen as a threat to cherished delusions