London’s knife crime epidemic: Enoch Powell was an optimist

Caption: Don’t say I didn’t bloody well warn you. Picture: National Portrait Gallery London.

Enoch Powell was an optimist. In his famous 1968 ?Rivers of Blood? speech, Powell said that…

?In 15 or 20 years, on present trends, there will be in this country three and a half million Commonwealth immigrants and their descendants [?] There is no comparable official figure for the year 2000, but it must be in the region of five to seven million, approximately one-tenth of the whole population?

Enoch Powell

As it happens, by 2000, the number of foreign-borns alone (i.e. not counting their descendants) was 7.5 million ? 11.9% of the population.

The rivers of blood are coming to pass as well. Quote:

Fatal stabbings have reached the highest level on record, according to new figures revealing the scale of Britain?s knife crime crisis. The number of young people killed by knives rose by nearly 50pc last year amid a surge of murderous violence, Home Office analysis showed. End of quote.

Just a part of living in a big city, as London?s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, would say.

But, in one way, Powell was wrong: the Sikhs and ?Windrush Generation? Jamaicans of his day might have been a different colour, but they came from Commonwealth countries which, at least partially, embodied the values of their British colonisers. Certainly for some their descendants have succumbed to the siren call of a hostile culture and religion, but others, like Sikhs, have proven to be exemplary British citizens.

Today though, Britain is, as Powell warned, replacing its native population by importing en masse from the Third World people with little to no allegiance to or, indeed, knowledge of the culture of their host. Quote:

It comes as police forces across the country struggle to cope with a rising tide of violent crime. Last night policing figures accused ministers of ?failing a generation? by cutting the number of officers on the streets.

In the year to March 2018 there were 285 homicides in England and Wales where the method of killing was by a knife or sharp instrument, the Office for National Statistics said.

It was an increase of 73 compared with 2016/17, and the highest number since records began at the end of the Second World War. The previous high was in 2008, when there were 268 victims.

Overall, the murder rate rose by 15pc from 606 to 695, the fourth consecutive year that the number has increased, following a steady decline.

End of quote.

But, still, racist ol? Enoch was exaggerating, surely? Quote:

There were 179 white victims of fatal stabbings, nearly two thirds of the total, while 70, a quarter, were black. End of quote.


But who are the offenders? Quote:

Twelve per cent of London?s men are black. But 54 per cent of the street crimes committed by men in London, along with 46 per cent of the knife crimes and more than half of the gun crimes, are thought by the Metropolitan Police to have been committed by black men. End of quote.

Of course apologists and hand-wringing leftist quangos insist that this disproportionality is somehow due to police ?racism? and bleat that black people are victims, too. As Powell said, such fools ?love to think, ?if only people wouldn’t talk about it, it probably wouldn’t happen??.

While it?s true that blacks are more likely to be victims just as they are more likely to be offenders, as statistics in the US show, there is a massive disproportionality between black-on-white crime compared to white-on-black. Both whites and blacks target their own for crime, but blacks are overwhelmingly likely to offend across the racial divide.

Caption: Factor in the population disparity between blacks and whites, and blacks are 12 times more likely to commit crimes against whites than vice-versa.

Cops target black men for the same reason airport security profile Muslims instead of little old, Asian ladies: it’s because they?re far more likely to be committing the crimes. Quote:

When a disproportionate number of victims identify their attackers as black males, it is not easy to see what the Met can do to investigate those crimes without being criticised for ?disproportionately targeting black men?. End of quote.


They could always do what the rozzers of Rotherham, Telford, Sheffield and other cities did: just ignore it, for fear of being called ?racist?.

But, as Enoch Powell said, in the opening words of his infamous speech: The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. A state that deliberately neglects to protect its citizens has failed.