Lorde ‘astroturfed’ by small number of twitter accounts

Fakers on social media, bots and sock puppets can succeed in creating the illusion of mass public outcry according to an article in The Times Of Israel. quote.

[…] In the case of the manufactured anti-Israel outcry over ?Tel Aviv on the Seine?, the hyped false hysteria was traced to a total of 39,688 tweets, generated within three days and attributed to 10,428? Twitter accounts ?of which only 2,941? could be traced to genuine French users. The rest were bots and sock-puppets, which created a purported avalanche of protest that managed to set the political agenda in Paris in the run-up to the festival, and came close to achieving the goal ? the cancellation of a pro-Israel event. end quote.

This kind of strategy worked against our own singing sensation Lorde who was ‘astroturfed’ successfully into cancelling her concert in Israel. quote.

More recently, in the case of New Zealand pop singer Lorde?s decision in December 2017 to?cancel a concert?in Israel under ostensible huge and vast BDS pressure, 96% of all Twitter traffic directed at her, in the successful effort to pressure her into cancelling, was ultimately traced to 172 Twitter accounts?[…]

?If she had known that, perhaps she would not have been deterred from performing,? mused the expert who gave me those figures.

The Times of Israel End quote.
Ms Potty mouth

It’s pretty embarrassing to find out that you have been manipulated into cancelling your Music tour by only 172 twitter accounts but it must be far more embarrassing to have taken seriously the views of the above potty mouth extraordinaire who recently starred in this shocking compilation!