Mad Jezza just hearts Jihadi brides

Caption: Is that a bomb in your burqa, or is Jezza just glad to see you?

Jeremy Corbyn is lots of things ? few of them commendable ? but the faintest praise you can damn him with is that at least he?s consistent. Consistently on the side of extremists, anti-Semites and vicious jihadis. Quote:

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum appealed for sympathy ? and has got it ? from the British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. End of quote.

If anyone is actually surprised by this, I?ve got shares in the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sell them. Quote:

Begum has sparked a tidal wave of public criticism, wanting to return to Britain with her week-old son despite showing no signs of contrition and plenty of support for Islamic State?s brutal ways.

Eight in 10 Britons have supported the decision by Home Office minister Sajid Javid to strip her of her British citizenship. Ms Begum, 19, has automatic Bangladeshi citizenship until the age of 21 and her father is currently in Bangladesh. She may also qualify for Dutch citizenship as she is married to a Dutch fighter, although reports yesterday indicate that won?t eventuate.

But Ms Begum says she thinks it is unjust that she is no longer considered British and called for ?sympathy for me and my son?. End of quote.

She gave the middle-finger to her British citizenship when she threw in her lot with the Islamic State. Bangladesh and the Netherlands have also reportedly told her to sod off. What country in their right mind would actually welcome this vicious extremist?

Oh, wait? Quote:

While most public opinion is of the view Ms Begum is solely responsible for her plight and her continued support of Islamic State meant she poses a potential danger, Mr Corbyn took a different stance. End of quote.


But of course he did. This is the guy, after all, who takes tea with terrorists at Parliament House ? his ?good friends? ? and lays wreaths at the graves of Jew-killers. A jihadi bride who happily chats about passing bins full of severed heads is just his idea of a fun dinner-date.

Meanwhile, some leaders actually put their country ahead of kissing up to Islamic nutbags. Quote:

An Alabama woman who left home to join the Islamic State group in Syria is not a US citizen and will not be allowed to return to the United States, America’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says?Pompeo said Hoda Muthana, who says she made a mistake in joining the group and now wants to return with her 18-month-old son, has no “legal basis” to claim American citizenship.

“Ms Hoda Muthana is not a US citizen and will not be admitted into the United States,” Pompeo said.

“She does not have any legal basis, no valid US passport, no right to a passport nor any visa to travel to the United States.”

Pompeo’s words were followed by a tweet from US President Donald Trump, who said “I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” End of quote.

Naturally, though, American Islamic leaders just chock-full of sympathy. Quote:

Ashfaq Taufique, who knows Muthana’s family and is president of the Birmingham Islamic Society, said the woman could be a valuable resource for teaching young people about the dangers of online radicalisation were she allowed to return to the United States.

Her coming back could be a very positive thing for our community and our country,” Taufique said. End of quote.


Sure: she can run classes on taqiyya, crocodile tears and how to flim-flam idiot bleeding hearts. These idiots threw their lot in with a medievally brutal group whose number-one sales pitch was publicly murdering helpless prisoners in the most spectacularly brutal ways they could think of. They can bugger off.