Mad kings and lying lefties hacking Australia?s democracy

Caption: Who is really pulling the “independents” strings? Illustration: Bill Leak/The Australian

An unprecedented number of ?independents? are running in key Coalition seats at the next election. Purely coincidentally, they are all either ex-Liberals who quit after their beloved monarch, Malcolm Turnbull, was deposed, or the ?doctor?s wives? set who steamed up their silk knickers over Mad Mal. The malign red hand of GetUp is also all over the so-called ?independents?. Also purely coincidentally, GetUp only ever throw their sacks of dodgy money against Coalition politicians.

A massive lie is being put over on the Australian people. Quote:

One of the biggest frauds perpet?rated on the Australian electorate this year will be the idea that so-called ?indies? are independents in the upcoming federal election.

When Turnbull lost the prime ministership to Scott Morrison last year, he did everything he could to destroy the Morrison ?government?This level of vengeance has ?Liberals wondering about Turnbull?s hand in the rise of a batch of fake independents, assisted by GetUp. End of quote.

When Turnbull was rolled, nobody backbencher Julia Banks immediately ran to a left-wing press gallery only too happy to wield Turnbull?s poison pen by proxy. Banks then dutifully quit the party ? where she had utterly failed to do anything of note ? to run as a fake independent. Quote:

[Her] claim of being an independent invites utter derision. Indeed, she has become a laughing stock on the two issues she picked for her ?vote independ?ent? campaign: female empowerment and climate change.

As to the former, Banks ?resigned as a Liberal after Turnbull?s ousting, earning a reputation as the patsy for the man who is inten?t on bringing down the governme?nt. Riding Turnbull?s coat-tails is not female empowerment. When asked last week on ABC Radio whether she had spoke?n to Turnbull about running in Flinders prior to her announcement, Banks said Malcolm and Lucy were ?good friends?. Huh?

Turnbull?s praise for the Liberal turncoat, describing Banks as ?an outstanding parliamentarian?, suggests he is cheering on his ??independent? fangirl to defeat a Liberal minister. That?s shabby behaviou?r. End of quote.

The other poster-girl for the legacy media is a former skiier who claims to be a Liberal person despite admitting that she?s never actually voted Liberal. Quote:

The independent story from Abbott?s challengers in the NSW seat of Warringah is equally unpersuasive. When Alice Thompson, an ex-Turnbull staffer, put her hand up to run against Abbott, she singled out the need for climate change action. When Olympian Zali Steggall threw her higher-profile name in the Warringah ring, it was about climate change too and she attacked the government?s 26 per cent renewable energ?y target as too low. GetUp is right behind her and, happily for Steggall, the ex-Turnbull staffer has decided to run in the seat of Mackellar against ?Falinski, to avoid splitting votes from Steggall. Falinski publicly admonished Turnbull for his absence during the Wentworth election. End of quote.

Despite their threadbare denials, GetUp are the Soros-funded bully-boys of the far left in Australia, doing all they can to undermine the electoral process. Quote:

In fact, all fake indies can expec?t support from GetUp, which shares the same obsession on climat?e change action as Turnbull. GetUp has drawn up a ?most wanted? deck of cards, whose top targets are all men, all conservatives, and all sit in the House of Representatives. The sole aim is to bring down the Morrison government. End of quote.