Making Christianity illegal in Britain

Caption: What is and isn’t allowed in Britistan.

Let?s face it, street preachers are a bit whacky, sometimes annoying, but ultimately harmless. Unless, of course, they?re advocating outright violence, in which case they?re most likely Muslim.

Muslims appear to be a protected group, even actively courted by police and other authorities. Hell, Muslim paedophiles in Britain can systematically rape British children on an industrial scale for decades and police, social workers and politicians will fall over themselves to cover up for and protect the rapists rather than risk being called racist.

Dare to get a bit enthusiastic about Jesus in public, though, and the filth will have you cuffed and charged before you can say ?Praise the Lord!? Quote:

Two street preachers have today been convicted of a public order offence, after a public prosecutor claimed that publicly quoting parts of the King James Bible in modern Britain should “be considered to be abusive and is a criminal matter”. End of quote.

Preach jihad and death to Jews, and Jeremy Corbyn will have you over for tea while the British state showers you with welfare and other indulgences. But, just as quoting Winston Churchill, the leader who saved the world from Nazism, is an unforgiveable offence to the modern left, quoting the Bible in Britain today is ?hate speech?. Quote:

Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell were found guilty under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 at Bristol Magistrates’ Court?

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the preachers, says that the case raises huge questions about the state of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in the UK.

People will be shocked that a court now considers the Bible itself to be a form of hate speech, she says. End of quote.

So, what did these hatey hate-speakers do? They offended Muslims?which, besides being frankly as easy as shooting hand grenades in a barrel, is one of the most unforgiveable sins in the eyes of the British state. Quote:

Mr Overd, Mr Stockwell and two friends were preaching in Bristol’s Broadmead Shopping Centre, in July last year.

The group that gathered was sometimes loud and aggressive, with some swearing and hurling abuse?Several hecklers appeared to be supportive of Islam?

Video evidence submitted to the court, shows Mr Overd being interrupted and forcibly removed from the scene by a police officer. End of quote.


A more recent video contrasts the hypocritical dichotomy in how the British police treat Muslims and Christians. In the first, a Muslim man screams abuse and threatens, spits and gestures violently at a police officer. The copper not only refuses to act, but tells onlookers that ?This young man has the right to assembly?. In the second, an African Christian preacher calmly explains that he is preaching the Bible. He is cuffed and hauled off, and his Bible confiscated.

Islamic supremacists, take heart. Quote:

Responding to the judgment, Mr Stockwell said:

“There is a very disturbing pattern here. We declare Jesus’ message and critique rival beliefs such as Islam. Some people don’t like what we say, and threaten violence to silence us. Then, instead of defending free speech and protecting us, the police shut down free speech to avoid public disorder. And then a court convicts us of provoking disorder and risking violence!

“Something has gone badly wrong. This gives a green light to Islamists and other groups to silence speech that they don’t like, simply by threatening disorder or violence. End of quote.