Mark Knight is officially not a racist: Guardian fumes

Caption: Left-wing journalists react to the Press Council decision.

For the second time in recent years, a work by an Australian cartoonist has been officially cleared of racism. But that doesn?t stop The Guardian grumbling and re-publishing the same lies that were used to wrongly vilify talented Australian artists.

When Mark Knight did what cartoonists are supposed to do by skewering a multi-millionaire sports player as an arrogant, tantrum-throwing bully, the legacy media and the online outrage-mongers of the left swung into action. After all, Knight had committed the cardinal sin of criticising two of their sanctified victim groups: women and blacks.

The trouble is, Knight was entirely in the right. Quote:

A Herald Sun cartoon that depicted Serena Williams jumping in the air and ?spitting the dummy? after losing a match to Naomi Osaka was not racist, the Press Council has found.

The News Corp cartoon came under global condemnation in September last year for publishing what some saw as a racist, sexist cartoon. End of quote.

Of course they did: famous black women are a protected species in the left?s moronic ?intersectional? hierarchy. Even if those black women are being nasty, spoiled bullies. Quote:

But in an adjudication published in the tabloid on Monday, the Australian Press Council accepted the Herald Sun?s argument that the cartoon was in response to Williams? ?outburst? on the court at the US Open final, and rejected suggestions that the tennis champion was in an ape-like pose.

?[The Herald Sun] said it was depicting the moment when, in a highly animated tantrum, Ms Williams smashed a racquet and loudly abused the chair umpire, calling him a thief, a liar and threatening that he would never umpire her matches again,? the council said.

?It said it wanted to capture the on-court tantrum of Ms Williams using satire, caricature, exaggeration and humour, and the cartoon intended to depict her behaviour as childish by showing her spitting a pacifier out while she jumps up and down.? End of quote.

What infuriated the left even more is that the target of one of their hate-campaigns refused to back down. Quote:

The Murdoch press has strongly defended Knight and his cartoon. The executive chairman of News Corp Australia, Michael Miller, said criticism of Knight ?shows the world has gone too PC?.

The editor of the Herald Sun, Damon Johnston, has said it had nothing to do with race or gender.

?A champion tennis player had a mega-tantrum on the world stage, and Mark?s cartoon depicted that,? Johnston said last year. ?It had nothing to do with gender or race.? End of quote.

The left-media industrial complex tried the same trick with Bill Leak, after he searingly depicted a harsh truth of Aboriginal parental neglect. Government-funded race-baiters like the Human Rights Commission touted for offendees, and Leak was dragged through the online hate-wringer. In the end, Leak was also cleared, but the punishment was the process.

Meanwhile, having lost the argument, the left-media resort to grumbling, ?Yeah, but??, and promulgating the same lies that were just disproved. Quote:

But, locally and internationally, many disagreed?.Complainants to the council had said that the depiction was a sexist and racist stereotype of African-Americans, with its large lips, broad flat nose and wild afro-styled ponytail hairstyle.

They said it contrasted with Osaka, a Japanese-Haitian, who was depicted as a white woman with blonde hair and no exaggerated features. End of quote.


Except that the council has now judged that they were all wrong. The Guardian is lying when it claims Osaka ?was depicted as a white woman with blonde hair.? Colour-sampling the image shows that her skin-colour was depicted as nearly identical to Williams?, and the ?blonde hair? was a dyed-blonde ponytail, exactly as Osaka was wearing. And of course, she had no exaggerated features as she was was a small figure in the background.

The left can be ?offended? over whatever they like, but that doesn?t give them the right to just plain lie and try to destroy people’s careers.