Marx’ grave vandalised: Was it a communist plot?

Caption: My only complaint is that the culprit underestimated the Marxists’ death toll.

By way of apology for that excruciating dad-joke of a headline, allow me to rework an old phrase: I?ve never (well, not that much) wished another man dead, but I get a chuckle out of seeing some bastards? graves vandalised. Especially when its the grave of a creep whose monstrous ideology led to the murder of roughly 100 million human beings, and untold suffering for hundreds of millions more. Inexplicably, this fiend remains an object of adoration for millions who are allegedly educated, and certainly morally self-righteous. Quote:

The tomb of Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery in London has been vandalised for the second time in the space of a month.

The words ?doctrine of hate? and ?architect of genocide? were found daubed in red paint across the Grade I-listed monument in the north London graveyard on Saturday. End of quote.

For the past two years, the Western left have been promoting a Cultural Revolution: an orgy of destruction and vandalism that has claimed memorials to everyone from Cecil Rhodes, to Captain Cook and Abraham Lincoln. Yet these vicious children are aghast when the tomb of the originator of the world?s deadliest ideology is defaced. Quote:

At the time the group who manage the cemetery ? the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust ? said they feared the memorial would never be the same again.

Maxwell Blowfield, 31, who visited the cemetery this morning with his mother admitted he was ?quite shocked? by the attack.

Blowfield, 31, who works for British Museum, said: ?It?s a highlight of the cemetery. The red paint will disappear, I assume, but to see that kind of level of damage and to see it happen twice, it?s not good.

?I wouldn?t like to say who or why someone did it but it was clearly someone very critical of Marx and that part of history. I am just surprised that somebody in 2019 feels they need to and do something like that.? End of quote.

If Hitler?s remains had a resting-place other than an anonymous filing cabinet in the Soviet archives, would this idiot similarly weep if it was vandalised? I mean, why would anyone do that, after all? Quote:

Ian Dungavell, the trust?s chief executive, described the attack as ?very upsetting?.

Speaking to the Guardian at the time he said: ?We think it was deliberately targeted against Karl Marx. It was not random. You can see from the photograph that the person has really done their best to obliterate Karl Marx?s name.? End of quote.

Of course they did, you moron. Read some 20th Century history and take a wild guess as to why. Quote:

A spokesman said: ?There have been no arrests. We would appeal to anyone who has any information to contact us.?

He also confirmed no arrests had been made over the 4 February attack. End of quote.


Which is a pity, really ? we?ve no idea who to send the flowers and chocolates to.