Minging Greens aren’t breeding. Natural selection wins again

Caption: So this lot don’t want to breed. Remind me again why that’s a bad thing?

Mike Judge?s 2006 comedy, Idiocracy, is undeniably a funny movie. It?s also a disturbing revival of early Progressivism?s enthusiasm for eugenics, and a film whose central argument swings and misses badly.

The basic premise of Idiocracy is that, because the highly educated, wealthy (and, notably, in the movie, white) are having fewer (or none at all), children, the world will eventually be taken over by moronic (and largely brown) people. Anyone familiar with early 20th century history will recognise this argument and where it ultimately led.

But, contrary to the eugenic fantasies of progressives old and new, their argument doesn?t seem to hold up in real life. Quote:

At 28 going on 29, Felicity Lochhead and her husband Hayden, 30, are at a stage in their lives where family and close friends are becoming curious about whether they plan to start a family.

But for Ms Lochhead, whether or not to have a child is a decision increasingly overshadowed by her worry about the impact of climate change.

?One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool?

George Orwell.

End of quote.
The problem with Judge?s (and other ‘progressive’ eugenicists’) argument is that, as Orwell pointed out, the ?intelligentsia? are frequently anything but. In fact, as Michael Shermer has argued, ?smart people believe weird things?. On the other hand, democracy is premised on the wisdom of the common people ? and history shows without doubt that democracies are the most successful human societies. Even in Idiocracy, ?average? Joe is really a pretty sensible guy, while his supposedly ?smart? superiors are easily led by faddish enthusiasm, and make terrible decisions. Quote:

Ms Lochhead, from the Illawarra, south of Sydney, is not alone. According to a national survey of 6500 women, a third of those below the age of 30 have similar concerns.

The survey, conducted jointly towards the end of last year by the Australian Conservation Foundation and climate action group One Million Women, reached thousands of women through social media and the membership networks of both organisations. End of quote.

In other words, the survey is useless. This survey is both self-selected and non-randomised; indeed its sample deliberately draws from a pool of almost certainly biased respondents. The survey design is utter rubbish with no statistical basis.

But, hey, let?s have fun with the results. Quote:

ACF chief executive Kelly O?Shanassy acknowledged that the survey was of members and supporters, but argued that her organisation is ?very representative of mainstream Australia?. End of quote.

Their poster girl is from the Illawarra. Compared to the rest of Australia, the Illawarra leans white, female, professional (especially health care), and above-average income. Illawarrans are far less likely to travel by public transport than the rest of Australia. They are also nearly twice as likely to vote Green.

So, what does the survey show us about the carefully selected, exclusive group who represent the Australian Conservation Foundation? Quote:

The results, released on Monday, show 33.4 per cent of women aged under 30 who were surveyed were having second thoughts about starting or expanding a family because of fears those children would face an ?unsafe future from climate change?.

In the 30- to 39-year age range, the figure was 22.4 per cent, while 45 per cent of women in that age bracket said they had or were planning to have children, but were worried about the impact of climate change on their offspring.

Overall nearly 90 per cent said they were “extremely concerned” and nearly 80 per cent said they, friends or family had experienced “worry or anxiety” about what a warming planet meant for the future. End of quote.


So, what we actually see here is that young, wealthy, educated elites are so hysterical about something for which there is little hard evidence, that they will refrain from breeding? Sounds like a win for natural selection to me.