Ministry of Sexualisation Part 4: Sexuality forced into every subject even maths

After introducing you to part three?yesterday the investigative series continues…

Safe Schools has landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education wants ?inclusive school-wide systems?, and their website is now littered with links and videos directing teachers to Minus-18 and The Safe Schools Coalition.

Nobody knows a child better than their own parents, and yet the State continues to erode fundamental parental rights.

Teachers are not doctors or trained counsellors, they do not know the child’s medical and emotional history. Teachers should be concerned with academics, not covertly parenting your children and aiding their delusion whilst withholding the truth about their emotional wellbeing.

Not all teachers are agree with teaching gender fluidity. We are putting an expectation on teachers who may believe it is unethical for them to instil an objectively false ideology onto malleable minds.

Teachers have no choice in the matter either. They soon will be forced to incorporate sexuality into every subject across the curriculum; including maths.

Affirmation of a child’s new gender is seldom the best avenue.
Teachers are being asked to affirm the assumed identity of a child without parental consent or notification, ignoring all medical and psychological diagnosis.

We need to be aware that Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) occurs during puberty and describes children who did not previously have gender dysphoria and were previously quite happy in the skin they are in.

Studies show that Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is a social contagion that spreads partly through observation and social mirroring.

At a time when all teenagers are searching for their place in the world and establishing their own values and identity, they are much more likely to ?try out? things that separate them from the crowd. I have been told by teens in very pro-LGBT schools that the kids who become gender neutral or suddenly transition, are most often the outcasts, who do it for the extra special treatment and attention they receive from teachers and peers.

Rates of ROGD are significantly higher in children who have transgender friends, or who are same-sex attracted. It?s a moral travesty that same-sex attracted teens who are questioning themselves, are having their confusion exacerbated by such a flawed ideology which promotes permanent mutilation of their bodies. At age 14, they can access breast binders and hormone treatments without parental notification.

Puberty blocking hormones are easy to get. Anecdotally, the psychiatric evaluations are a mere formality.

Studies show 62.5% of children who develop ROGD have previously been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Other risk factors include having a mother with Borderline Personality Disorder and being abused.

ROGD also usually sets in during puberty and after children have viewed transgender content. These Trans-affirming resources are often found on Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube. Often times it?s in peer-led support groups within high-schools. Naturally, these are favoured methods of disseminating information, because there is no parental oversight.

Question: Why are students being engaged as partners, yet parents are expressly excluded? Perhaps that reveals there’s an agenda going against what the majority are in agreement with.

People who have de-transitioned are now speaking up about how social media has played a role in their confusion.

Thanks to the Ministry of Education, these trans-affirming resources will soon be in English, Maths and History class, not only hidden in the dark corners of the interwebs.

Affirmation via puberty-blocking hormones, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies, breast binders, and penis-tuckers are almost never the best avenue because 65-94% of gender-questioning children grow out of it after normal pubertal growth. The statistic varies between studies but is always a significant majority.
We are allowing children to mutilate their bodies and yet they still can?t even legally get a tattoo, the consequences of which are much less permanent.

Puberty blocking hormone treatments are not fully reversible contrary to what advocates claim. They actually cause permanent damage to children’s bodies such as bone embrittlement, inhibited brain development, and under-developed ?tiny? genitals.

To add to the long list of radical ideology by the Ministry of Education is the ?pronoun-nametag day?, gender neutral uniforms, avoiding gendered language, suggestions of putting up these posters around your school, and building new gender-neutral toilet blocks.

There are even links to the relevant building-code to make it easy-peasy for your school.

Don?t expect to call it ?your? school for much longer, because you will soon have less than zero say over your child’s learning, or the school itself.

For now, these changes by the Ministry of Education are ?suggestions? – until Chris Hipkins gets his way with his proposed ?Tomorrow’s schools? changes. This will strip local parent-led boards of their power, and centralise authority in regional government organisations.

This may even happen regardless of Chris Hipkin’s Crusade of collectivisation.

Parents and families will no longer get a choice.

We all need to take action immediately.

  • Sign the petition to stop Transgender teaching in New Zealand schools.
  • Visit your school and ensure you know what?s being taught by demanding to see specific resources. (Please remember teachers and principals are not necessarily in favour of this ideology and many are afraid to speak out against this for fear of losing their registration or being alienated by their peers.)
  • Ask your children what they are learning at school.
  • Speak to your Member of Parliament and express your concerns.
  • Tell your friends, and share this information far and wide.

    Our silence is interpreted as consent?.

The time to push back is now, or else our schools will no longer be safe.