Misandrist harpies make another power-grab

Caption: She doesn’t care what it is, she wants it. And you can’t have it.

There?s a good reason that almost no-one outside of the legacy media-elite and the sheltered workshops of liberal arts colleges wants to identify as a ?feminist?: feminism long ago abandoned any pretense of campaigning for equality. Contemporary feminism is nothing but a cult of unhinged man-hating run by purple-haired bargearses and their creepy, abusive beta-male hangers-on.

If there?s one thing that distinguishes ?Third Wave? feminism, aside from its distinctive funk of cat urine, it?s the stunning hypocrisy of misandrist harpies who seem to exist only to punish the male gender at large. Quote:

Only women and transgender individuals will be allowed to compete in an April debate tournament hosted by the George Washington University Parliamentary Debate Society.

?It is essential to create spaces where gender minorities can find support, meet mentors and peers and feel empowered by seeing successful women,? they claim??Women and anyone who does not identify as cis male will be welcome to compete, and registration is no questions asked,? Cryer told Campus Reform. End of quote.


Because nothing says ?successful women? than having to stack the odds entirely in your favour, and being too gutless to compete against actual men.

Meanwhile? Quote:

Yale sued by girls who want to be let into fraternities…

Three female students are suing Yale University and nine of its fraternities for failing ?to honor? an ?environment free of discrimination? and sexual misconduct.

Yale students Anna McNeil, Eliana Singer, and Ry Walker allege in the lawsuit that they were groped at fraternity parties as freshmen and that the fraternities unfairly dominate the campus social environment, The New York Times reported. All three are now suing to be allowed to join the all-male organizations. End of quote.

Apparently the groping was so bad, they want to go back for more. Quote:

In addition to criticizing Yale fraternity culture on the grounds of sexual misconduct and drinking, the lawsuit claims the groups deny ?economic opportunities? to female and non-binary students. The girls allege that fraternity students have access to vast alumni networks and ?coveted job offers? that are unavailable to other students on campus. End of quote.

Opportunities might be more forthcoming if these bints majored in something besides ?Women?s Studies?.

But, once again, these feminist scolds want everything their own way: women-only clubs, while demanding an end to men-only clubs. Having never abandoned their infantile penis envy, they simply can?t bear to think that the boys might have something they don?t. Meanwhile, they jealously defend their own turf, and rage to punish all men for their own incandescent daddy issues. Quote:

Todd Shelton, Chief Communications Officer of the North American Interfraternity Conference?told Campus Reform that single-sex organizations play an important role in a student?s developmental needs.

?Fraternities believe that single-sex student organizations should be an option ? a choice ? for students. And so should co-ed student organizations,? Shelton said. ?Students should have the choice to join the groups that best fit their developmental needs.? End of quote.


But, like all left-leaning ideologies, feminism wants nothing to do with individual choice. All these hateful fishwives want is power.