Mmm Black pudding for breakfast

Do you want the BEST black pudding on the market for?your?breakfast?

Whale Meat Company black pudding on toast
  • Pork and Bacon sausages (Breakfast or anytime)? 4 packs x 500g
  • Black pudding 3 chubs x 500g
  • Eye bacon 3 packs x 500g?
  • Streaky bacon 3 packs x 500g?


At last your wait for an excellent black pudding is over. Indulge in a black pudding that has passed the rigorous Whale Meat Taste Test panel!

How do you make pork sausages better?- add bacon! So we did.

Our pork & bacon sausages are the slightly smaller breakfast size making them great for breakfast, in fact: breakfast, lunch, dinner! These sausages are a great addition to any meal.

NEW pork & bacon sausages and NEW black pudding, with bacon & eggs it is your plate of perfection!

Black pudding, bacon and egg