More EVs required urgently!


We all know that an elected Democrat Senator has declared that we only have 12 years (well, less than that as you read this) left before climate change brings about the end of the world. Check how long you have left to mow the lawns here.

The media reinforce this and we all know it is absolutely true because the weather outside is a tad warmer than usual. (I blame the Aussies, myself as you can see them spilling their excess heat across the Tasman on the map above.) Global warming is the narrative when it is a bit hotter, any other weather event is climate change.

Professor of Biostatistics Thomas Lumley has posted: Quote

We?re seeing a lot of international news stories about cold weather in the US, and here in NZ we?re also seeing a lot of stories about hot weather locally and in Australia. You might think from the news coverage that the northern hemisphere is currently colder than usual and the southern hemisphere is currently warmer than usual.

There are some cold spots on the map: the north-east of North America and parts of northern Russia are much colder than usual. There are also hot spots, in Alaska and in the Arctic Sea.   And as the summaries under the map show, the northern hemisphere is more unusually hot (on average) than the southern hemisphere.

Weather is what matters to us day to day: especially the weather around us and the weather in places with English-speaking television stations.  That can give a very misleading view of the state and trend of global climate.

End Quote.
Thomas Lumley

So the mid-west USA is having record cold spell, Australia just broke records last set 80 years ago. Wait, what? It was hot 80 years ago? But, but … Quote.

ADELAIDE RECORD. West Terrace has just cracked 46.2C at 1:42pm, after 130 years of records, beating its previous record of 46.1 on 12 January 1939. End quote.


So someone in Adelaide was reading a mercury thermometer in 1939 to an accuracy of 0.1 ?C. Yup, sounds reasonable. And after years and years of pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, creating tipping points and runaway global warming we have just pushed that record up by a humongous extra 0.1 ?C.

Oh noes! Run for the hills!

Meanwhile, away from the record cold in the US and the record hot in Australia and New Zealand, what is the rest of the world doing according to the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine? Compared to the baseline starting 40 years ago the world is dangerously warmer by an extra –

+0.3 ?C

And you sit there, sipping your cold drink, not even thinking about rushing out and buying an electric vehicle ….

For shame!