Muslim schools in Britain are flouting the law and getting away with it

Caption: “If Muhammad has 72 virgins and Omar has two camels, how many beatings does Fatima receive?” (*satire)

It can?t be easy, being a ?woke? leftist: the sheer effort of blocking out so much inconvenient information and performing daily mental gymnastics must be quite exhausting. ?No wonder they?re so snappy and irritable?, to quote 80s novelty hit Stutter Rap.

Not least among the enervating cognitive dissonances of the left is maintaining the firm conviction that it?s ever so enlightened and ?progressive? to support Islam as ?like, the most feminist religion?, while somehow pretending that its violence and misogyny aren?t being openly practised daily. Quote:

A Muslim school will not allow girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished, an Ofsted chief has told MPs. End of quote.

Leftists in Australia have for months been hyperventilating about Christian schools supposedly discriminating against ?LGBTQI? students, despite there not being the slightest shred of evidence of such ever actually happening. The openly homophobic statements against homosexual teachers by Australia?s Grand Mufti passed without comment. Leftists also babble about Australia?s supposed ?culture of violence against women?, but fall silent when Muslims post guidelines on exactly how Muslims should beat their wives.

University feminists who screech and gibber about ?rape culture on campus? say nothing about Muslim groups gender-segregating campus spaces. Quote:

Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham is still segregating boys and girls despite a Court of Appeal ruling in 2017 that found it was unlawful, according to Luke Tryl, director of corporate strategy at Ofsted.

Addressing the women and equalities select committee, he said that Ofsted inspectors are trying to hold schools to account for discriminating against girls but feel ?isolated? when their stance is not backed up by ministers??We perhaps don?t always feel we get the support we need from the rest of Government in pushing that forward.? End of quote.

The white girls of Rotherham, Telford and dozens more British cities know all about not being supported by the government in the face of gendered Islamic rape and violence. Despite sixteen years of laws prohibiting female genital mutilation, Britain hasn?t prosecuted a single case until this year. Quote:

He said that Al-Hijrah school was enforcing a ?very strict gender segregation? which included ?denying the girls to have their lunch until the boys had had theirs?. ?And we had some very discriminatory texts for instance, encouraging violence against women,? he said.

Mr Tryl said that Ofsted welcomed the Court of Appeal’s ruling that gender segregation within the school fell foul of equalities laws, but despite the case concluding in mid-2017 the school has still not de-segregated. End of quote.


Of course not. Islam in Britain is thumbing its nose at the laws of the land ? and getting away with it, again and again.