New to Whaleoil? Unsure of the rules? Scared to comment?

Mod and admin enquires:

Whaleoil has done its best to make our rules as clear as possible but we have to be flexible too as things are constantly changing. We realise that some of our rules are a little fuzzy around the edges. We also realise that this may make new readers of Whaleoil hesitant to comment because they are unsure of exactly where the boundaries lie and because our mods are a formidable team.

The Whaleoil Moderation team

Our solution to this problem is a Mod and admin enquires weekly post. The moderation team put their heads together and decided that once a week this post will act as a resource for all readers and commentators who have questions about moderation and who want guidance on what is acceptable and what is not.

This weekly column will be a safe place to get the information and guidance you need without risking making a mistake out on the other posts.

Over time we hope to use what we learn from readers’ questions to further refine our ten commandments and the details around our rules to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute positively to Whaleoil without risking deletion or a short term or long term ban.

What this column is NOT however is a place to complain about the Mods or to be rude. Its purpose is constructive. Ask in the comment section what you want to know and one of the Mods will answer your question.