New Zealand at risk from rising global anti-Semitism

Caption: Anti-Semitism is already rearing its ugly head in NZ.

As we?ve reported several times here on Whaleoil, there is a disturbing rise of anti-Semitism across the world. Most ominous is its surge in Western democracies and also in ‘polite society’ and mainstream politics.

As the world?s oldest hatred resumes its march across the globe, is New Zealand immune? A newspaper has published an ominous warning. Quote:

New Zealand has largely been spared the ugliness of anti-Semitism that has beleaguered much of the world, but there are traces of it in this country. The question is will it remain so. End of quote.

This is not just happening in East Germany, nor in the Islamic world, where, as Christopher Hitchens noted, the swastika remained a potent anti-Jewish rallying sign. Quote:

Australia is reporting an uptick. Dvir Abramovich, from The Anti-Defamation Commission, says “the growing virus of anti-Semitism is alive and well with incidents the past year being the highest on record. No longer history, anti-Semitism has become a routine story, a current event, and I am deeply worried.” End of quote.

Many of these incidents are the sadly usual attention-seeking rantings of ultra-fringe nutjobs, but, disturbingly, many more are not. A leading Jewish organisation claims that ?a toxic anti-Jewish culture has ?become well entrenched in the far left of the Greens?. At one of Australia?s most prestigious universities, Jewish students feel unsafe, as student magazines praise anti-Jewish terrorists, and an academic was caught on camera screaming abuse and waving money in the face of an old Jewish lady. There is also a disturbing preponderance of particular migrant groups in the perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks. Quote:

In the UK, “Jeremy Corbyn moved the rock and the anti-Semites crawled out from underneath the rock. They are not going back.” These words from a London lawyer who has now moved to Israel. Mark Lewis also said that social media had caused so much harm. He told Israel’s Channel 10 news “Europe in my view is finished” and “we are a wandering people. It is time for us to wander again.” Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, found this comment to be “as sobering and disturbing a phrase as I have heard?and should be thought upon by anybody who still cares to think.”

Across the Atlantic, historian Victor Davis Hanson refers to a point of change about 10 years ago. Since then “we have seen an emerging new anti-Semitism ?that has become deeply embedded in popular culture and is now rebranded with acceptable cool among America’s historically ignorant youth.” Rap and hip-hop routinely incorporate anti-Semitic lyrics. Now it also sports icons and other assorted social influencers moulding attitudes. Not to forget the new young politicians. Both state and federal. Mainstream black leaders, i.e. members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Keith Ellison and Barack Obama, have appeared on stage and done the smiley photo op with Louis Farrakhan?the most odious anti-Semite in America. End of quote.

But surely sleepy, faraway New Zealand is insulated from this disturbing trend? Quote:

Will these issues remain low level in New Zealand? I am happy to speak on behalf of all of us and say, I hope so. But there are disrupters.

Social media. Go back 30 years when political correctness was emerging. Won’t happen here, I was told by many. Ya think? With social media eliminating barriers between cultures and countries, I would rule out nothing in the spread of stupidity.

The rapid increase in population via migration will present challenges. End of quote.

A newspaper.

This is a curious statement. What is Smith hinting at here?

As I?ve written before, rising anti-Semitism in Australia is directly (although not exclusively, of course) linked to increased Muslim immigration: in Sydney, Australia?s Islamic heartland, Muslims are 25 times more likely than members of other groups to be the perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks.

Not that the right of politics has any cause for smugness: as the Parkland massacre showed, anti-Semitism on the lunar right has never gone away. But they are a known known. What is more disturbing is the deliberately unknown: the pervasive and vicious anti-Semitism permeating increasingly violent left-wing and Islamic circles, but which no one wants to talk about.