No one entered Waikato Kiwibuild ballot

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington Brady.

Did nobody do any research, before Kiwibuild was established, to find out where there actually is a housing shortage? Firstly, Kiwibuild houses cannot be sold in Wanaka, meaning they will not go to families ‘locked out’ of the housing market. Now, nobody – yes, nobody – has entered the ballot to buy ANY of the homes in a Waikato development.

This is truly breathtaking. quote.

Newshub can reveal how unpopular KiwiBuild has become: absolutely no one entered the ballot to buy any of the homes in one of the developments.

The Government’s flagship housing scheme is now at the stage where developers are offering up bribes to get people interested. end quote.

Where are all those young families clamouring at the door to get into a home of their own? Clearly, they do not live in the Waikato. quote.

New figures obtained by Newshub show there’s little demand for the KiwiBuild properties that have made it to the market.

While the Government is trumpeting that nearly 50,000 people have registered their interest, nowhere near that amount are actually trying to buy the homes available.

The highest interest so far has been in the McLennan development in Papakura, where 77 people applied to buy one of the 18 available homes. end quote.

Registering interest is one thing, but buying a home is quite another. A lot of conditions have to be met before people can buy a property, and those conditions are the same for Kiwibuild houses as for other houses. Truth is, that once everything is taken into account, Kiwibuild houses are not the special deal they were purported to be. In many parts of the country, they are not a good deal at all. quote.

But interest is waning – the latest ballots for five more houses in that same development have less than 30 entries, and up the road in ?t?huhu, just four people entered the ballot to buy each of the KiwiBuild apartments.

As for the houses that Minister Twyford was very excited to show off in Te Kauwhata, the number of people interested in those is a big fat zero – no one has entered the ballot. end quote.

Excuse me while I laugh… except there’s a lot of taxpayer’s money involved in this project. quote.

“The trouble with KiwiBuild is it is now a joke for a lot of people,” said National’s Housing Spokesperson Judith Collins. “But it’s a pretty sad joke because a lot of people’s hopes have been raised, and now it’s turned out to be a real flop.”

Minister Twyford insisted KiwiBuild will add to the housing stock, and said “the demand is clearly there”. end quote.

Is it? Not in the Waikato. Not in Wanaka. Not in Te Kauwhata. quote.

Developers are even offering up incentives for buyers now. Fifteen homes in Pukekohe are up for sale, and you can buy them without even going through a ballot process.

But wait, there’s more: the first 10 buyers will get $5000 towards whiteware or furniture.

Newshub end quote.

“What’s next, first year mortgage free?” said Ms Collins.

KiwiBuild looks like it’s quickly becoming KiwiBribe. end quote.