Not such a model refugee after all

Caption: ?For me, success is a result of hard work”.

Dear, dear, these ?refugee? boys will keep getting themselves in trouble. Whether it?s rape, child abduction or terrorism, the left?s ?compassionate? experiments with open borders have allowed some very, very dodgy people into the country.

Nevertheless, the embiggeners of open borders from the shitholes of the third world keep lecturing us that ?diversity is a strength? and ?Australia needs immigration?. To prove it, they find some photogenic brown person to spotlight as a poster-boy for their one-world utopian fantasies.

Except? Quote:

Refugee ?poster boy? and ?model migrant? Hamid Ranjbarian, who was charged with conspiring to import up to 40kg of the drug Ice from overseas, practiced ?herbal medicine? in Iran for 15 years before arriving in Australia. End of quote.

?Herbal medicine?, eh? Is that growing poppies, or hemp? Quote:

The father-of-one was arrested yesterday at his North Parramatta home along with Saeed Bakhtiyari, 27, who was also charged for his part in the alleged conspiracy to import the drugs worth an estimated $36 million in potential street value.

Drug and Firearms Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Martin Fileman, said police will allege in court the pair were the leaders of the Iranian drug syndicate and other members should ?expect a knock on the door? as investigations under Strike Force Decry continue. End of quote.

Mass immigration is a massive scam being put over ordinary citizens by big business and governments addicted to short-term growth (notwithstanding that the net economic contribution of mass migration is marginal at best) and to hell with the social consequences. To that end, virtue-signalling corporates bombard us with propaganda. This one is backfiring badly. Quote:

It was only last year that Mr Ranjbarian, 37, starred in a national TV campaign?The CGU Insurance advert featured the slogan ?Grit. Hard work. Resiliance ? Australian as it gets? and highlighted Mr Ranjbarian?s new life in Australia, where he established the painting business AAA Quality Painting & Decorating.

Mr Ranjbarian moved to Australia in 2013 under the Labor government after leaving Iran via Indonesia in 2011 End of quote.

Sounds suspiciously like they?re trying to obscure the manner of his arrival. 2011 was in the middle of the Rudd-Gillard open borders lunacy that saw tens of thousands of Iranians illegally enter Australia by boat from Indonesia. Was his route here via Christmas Island or Nauru, by any chance? Quote:

?For me, success is a result of hard work,? Mr Ranjbarian said as part of the CGU campaign. End of quote.


I suppose peddling a shit-ton of drugs could be considered hard work.