NZ towns rejected for being ‘too white’ by refugee advocates

Ibrahim Omer is Chair of the Refugee Forum, an E-Tu Union organiser, a member of the Labour Party multicultural branch and a Living Wage advocate.

An article I read on RadioNZ about refugees made me wonder. Why would anyone reading it reckon it a good idea to import refugees who think that a Kiwi town where most of the inhabitants are ‘white’ is going to be a difficult place for them to integrate? quote.

A refugee-led NGO is unhappy the government chose not to consult them on the new resettlement areas, which they say could be detrimental to refugees settling into life in New Zealand.

The ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum believes Whanganui, Timaru, Blenheim, Masterton, Levin and Christchurch might not have the support network or relevant jobs for the refugees who arrive in New Zealand.


[…] “Also lots of those areas tend to be predominately [sic] white, which could lead to problems with integration, there’s not a lot of ethnic diversity in those areas,” she said.

end quote.

Reading that made my blood boil! We are welcoming refugees with open arms, yet this group has the unmitigated gall to racially profile New Zealanders who do not have the same skin colour as them as being an obstacle to them integrating into our Western culture.

Skin colour has nothing to do with culture. Kiwi culture is similar no matter what skin colour New Zealanders have. Why would white skinned Kiwis as opposed to dark skinned Kiwis be an obstacle to them integrating into Kiwi culture? Sounds like racism to me. quote.

Chair of the forum, Ibrahim Omer who came to New Zealand as a refugee from Eritrea, can’t imagine how he would have settled in the regions, as it was hard enough in Wellington.

[…] He said refugees needed other people around them from their country of origin and services to help them settle as they have gone through considerable trauma.
“Not having people from your own community it can be depressing, it can be lonely but having them around makes life easy and makes the government’s job much easier,” he said.


Apparently, they need to be located to towns where refugees or immigrants with the same skin colour and culture already live so that they can ‘integrate’ by creating closed little communities…oh wait…that’s not integration at all.

When immigrants or refugees are able to live in a little community that maintains a non-Western cultural bubble, they will not integrate and they are less likely to learn English.

Yes, it will be a culture shock as our government continues to bring people to our country who are culturally unsuited to living and working in a Western culture and who ideologically do
not share our Judeo-
Christian value system.

Until our government starts choosing Christian refugees and refugees from countries like South Africa, where those fleeing genocide already have western style values, they will continue to have problems with integration and assimilation.

Because refugees are not selected based on whether our country is a good fit for them culturally, but are taken no questions asked on the orders of UN agencies, we instead get ingratitude, complaints and demands.

Refugees are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to live in the little slice of paradise that we call New Zealand. They got to queue jump over the countless would-be immigrants who would love to get permission to live in New Zealand.

If New Zealand is too white for them and too depressing they are very welcome to go back to the hellholes they came from. At least back at home, they won’t have to be discomfited by pale white faces and prosperous and generous Western civilisation with all its values so at odds with their own.