Only the elite are allowed borders and walls

Caption: The only illegal Mexicans Nancy and Gavin want to see are the ones cleaning their pools and doing their laundry.

Elites have never been known for their sincerity. Whether it?s Mao growing fat while his followers starved, or moralistic preachers packing fudge with rough trade in hotel rooms, the hallmark of self-righteous Establishment types is invariably do as they say, not as they do.

The open borders left are today?s elites. Silicon Valley billionaires and wealthy Democrats sneer at ?deplorables? who ?immorally? want the laws actually enforced, and borders secured against millions of illegal aliens. At the same time, these moralising plutocrats ensconce themselves in walled compounds and gated communities.

Gadfly journalist Laura Loomer is putting their commitment to open borders to the test. Quote:

Laura Loomer and a group of illegal aliens showed up to Nancy Pelosi?s Napa Valley, CA lawn and set up a sanctuary camp on Monday.

Loomer and gang set up a canopy on Pelosi?s lawn with the word ?Immorality? emblazoned in red letters.

Pelosi regularly says walls are ?immoral? when arguing against President Trump?s proposals for stronger border security which includes a wall?Loomer attached photos of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens, including Kate Steinle, to the canopy.

Loomer and her illegal alien friends were chanting ?Everyone is welcome here!? End of quote.


Pelosi promptly demonstrated her commitment to a borderless world by calling the cops to have the freeloading illegal aliens removed from her patch.

Undeterred, Loomer next tested the openness of California Governer Gavin Newsom. Quote:

Laura Loomer along with other activists were arrested after jumping over the California Governor?s Mansion wall donning ponchos and sombreros.

The California police showed up to the property and handcuffed Loomer and the other activist who was wearing a fake mustache.

Until you give me your keys and allow me to pop by your walled-in mansions any time I want, you all need to shut your lying pieholes about open borders

Jim Goad.

?Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California said everybody is welcome here and now the police and the armed guards are telling us that we are trespassing, but I thought that California was an open borders state,? Loomer said.

Loomer added, ?Gavin has a fence ? they have officers here. They are telling us we?re trespassing?I?m so confused!?

After the police handcuffed Loomer she said, ?It?s interesting how as an American you?re not allowed to hop over Gavin Newsom?s fence or Nancy Pelosi?s fence ? you get handcuffed and arrested, but if you?re an illegal alien or you?re a rapist or you kill innocent police officers or you murder and rape women here, you?re an illegal here in California you get all the free benefits, you have free welfare ? free housing ? free everything and you don?t get deported, right?? End of quote.


When will fools like Loomer ever learn? The Establishment just make the laws; they don?t follow them. Laws, like borders and walls, are for us common shmucks.