Organic? Not a hope in Halal

It must be getting so congested inside the ‘progressive’ liberal head these days. Everything must be done to ensure that they are not Islamophobic but everything the Prophet (PBUH) says to do is so antithetical to the ‘progressive’ liberal mindset. At least for all the vegetarians and vegans this little bump in the highway of life won’t matter. Quote.

Halal meat from animals slaughtered without having been stunned cannot be labelled organic on ‘welfare grounds’, a top European Union court has ruled.

The way the meat is slaughtered ‘fails to observe the highest animal welfare standards’, according to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

End quote.

Well that is the end of all ‘organic’ meat, then. To really observe the highest standards of animal welfare you would never slaughter any animal. Presumably just wait until they die of old age? Quote.

The case came to the court after the OABA, a French association promoting animal welfare in abattoirs, urged ministers to ban the labelling of such meat as organic.

French courts initially dismissed the OABA’s case before passing it up to the CJEU for a definitive ruling.

‘The Court recalls that scientific studies have shown that pre-stunning is the technique that compromises animal welfare the least at the time of killing,’ said an CJEU statement Tuesday.

So while the ritual slaughter of animals was allowed on grounds of religious freedom, if they were not first stunned* then that did not meet the highest standards.

The meat from such animals could not then qualify as organic.

The case will now go back to the Court of Appeal in Versailles for a definitive ruling. End quote.

Daily Mail

* In New Zealand the practice is to stun the beast with pulsed DC and then cut the throat with the obligatory prayer to Allah. Every so often a beast has to be left to revive from the stun to prove that they are alive when they are bled to death.

(That was the process when I was last involved in the freezing works a few decades ago – it could have changed.)