Petition of Don Campbell to allow the Shchetkovas, owners of La Vista, to stay in New Zealand

Nataliya Schchetkova

Don Campbell has started a petition for the Shchetkova family’s application for residency to be reviewed and asks the House of Representatives to do something about a policy or law, or put right a local or private concern. Quote.

Nataliya Shchetkova and her family are much loved community members and successful proprietors of La Vista restaurant in St Heliers. The Government has declined their application for residency despite the family building a successful business as required by their visa requirements. I believe it is simply wrong that upstanding citizens be sent to war torn Ukraine when others of varying character are allowed to stay. Please show your support of the immigration Minister intervening so they can stay. End of quote.

Don Campbell

Please sign the petition here if you would like to support a review of their application for residency.