Phil Goff’s twitter strategy

First Goff tells media that he doesn’t know yet if he is going to run for Mayor again because of what his wife thinks. Now he?s posing photos of himself baling hay at his hobby farm in an attempt to look manly…while wearing gloves! (You don’t want to damage your manicure Phil.)

Play farmer

The boss told me that Phil looks like

a soy boy try hard dickhead

But then the boss has had a stroke, and he probably meant to say a nice guy trying hard er …something something.

The hay photo reminded me of two other photos from Phil Goff’s past where he attempted to look ‘cool’. Remember these?

Play soldier

Play Greenie

I wish he would stop playing Mayor and would step aside so that someone could shake things up and get the council focussed on core services again, like it is supposed to be.