Playing the Green card

In the latest, Stuff owned, local paper there was a story about Consumer Power now targeting takeaway coffee cups.

This got me wondering if the reason that Stuff has gone green is to distract from the fact that they consume forests of trees every year to make their papers. In the case of their local papers, most readers probably only read the first two pages as the rest is all written at head office as filler.
I suspect that there are others who are on the Social Justice Warrior bandwagon in the hope that it will prevent the SJW’s from turning on them.

At a local level, I know of a farmer in my area who has joined a protest against a couple of tiny council sewage plants that are discharging treated sewage water into the harbour. The farmer’s farm, on the other hand, pours huge volumes of untreated stock effluent into the streams going into the harbour; these dwarf the volumes of sewage created by the sewage plants in these seaside towns.

Another company that may be trying to deflect the SJWs is Gillette. It creates huge volumes of disposable product. It must be aware that eventually it too will end up in the firing line as everything they make is throw-away.

I almost wonder if they knew that their advertisement would kill off some custom but decided that it would be less damaging than a full-on attack by the SJW’s on how bad their disposable product is for the environment? Now that they are part of the Social Justice movement, they may feel it will be harder for them to become a target – at least for now.

Many companies are openly playing the green card. Sometimes it makes economic sense for the company such as airlines operating planes that are fuel efficient. Now that I have seen the hypocrisy of the printed media, I am wondering who else is part of the Green/Social Justice movement to deflect attention from their own elephants in the room.