Progressivism’s war on Christianity

Caption: A Marxist, militant, pro-LGBT antifa group trying to shut down a Christian megachurch in Austin, Texas

Authoritarian ideologies are notable for not just their intolerance of different views, but their uncompromising demand for public adherence to orthodoxy. Whether it?s gimlet-eyed inquisitors or brutal commissars, the enforcers of authoritarian ideologies are zealous in compelling professions of faith from their subjects. Suspected heretics or subversives are punished without hesitation or mercy.

The despotic intolerance of the Social Justice movement is totalitarian in its unyielding demand that all prostrate themselves before the rainbow altar and fervently affirm the lgbtqi+ mantra. Even the faintest suspicion of heresy brings swift and unyielding condemnation. It?s no longer enough to simply live and let live: for ?progressives?, it?s now their way, or a one-way trip to oblivion.

Nowhere is their tyranny so absolute as in religion. Their hostility to the First Amendment is not just limited to free speech, but freedom of religion as well. Quote:

We cannot exist as a pluralistic and diverse society if the price of admission to any American industry is the abandonment of religious faith to conform to the demands of the intolerant. End of quote.

The Communist despots in China recently demonstrated their ruthlessly absolute power over their citizens by ?disappearing? Fan Bingbing, the mega-star Chinese actress. The message was clear: no-one is famous enough or wealthy enough to escape our punishing reach. The despots of Social Justice are sending a similar message to one of America?s most-loved celebrities. Chris Pratt may have won the hearts of audiences with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World movies, but the inquisitors of Social Justice have resolutely flinty hearts. Pratt has been served his auto-da-fe. Quote:

Chris Pratt, one of the most likable celebrities in modern American life, is now problematic to some people. But he?s not alone. Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez are under scrutiny now also. Their crime? They?ve attended Evangelical churches ? such as Hillsong and Zoe ? that don?t make it crystal-clear that they adhere to the new progressive sexual orthodoxy.

That?s the thrust of one of the more intolerant Washington Post op-eds I?ve ever read, an essay by Post digital producer Drew Goins condemning Pratt for attending a church that doesn?t say that it ?affirms? gay marriage and gay sex. You see, it?s not enough to be ?welcoming? ? loving each person who walks through the doors and inviting them to join in worship and seeking a saving relationship with Christ ? these churches must be ?affirming.? They must depart from Christian orthodoxy, or their celebrity members will pay a steep public price. End of quote.

Hillsong is often derided as the ?happy-clappy? church, but they?re essentially harmless, especially compared to the notorious 80s ?theocons? like the Moral Majority. If Hillsong had an avatar, it would be The Simpsons? Ned Flanders: a bit preachy perhaps, but essentially inoffensive, and rigorously ?nice?. Quote:

Hillsong has long battled substantial criticism from the right that it?s the ?squish? church that?s not bold enough in speaking the truth.

But when it comes to attacks such as Goins?s (or attacks from activist actresses such as Ellen Page, who recently tweeted that Pratt?s church is ?famously anti lgbtq?), then put me squarely on Team Hillsong. Put me on Team Pratt. His acceptance in Hollywood should not hinge on whether he swallows the politics and theology of radical cultural gatekeepers?

After all, a core (and very basic) tenet of pluralism is the notion that people of diametrically opposed belief systems can live and work side by side so long as they treat each other with dignity and respect?Conversely, it is the height of intolerance to believe that it is somehow problematic ? absent any evidence of mistreatment on the job or on-set ? that a person disagrees with you on matters of faith. End of quote.

But the ?woke? commissars of lqgt-whatever and feminist orthodoxy don?t believe in pluralism. They believe in the harshest dogmatism ? their own. For all that they screech ?Bigot!? the instant anyone even slightly disagrees with them, they are the world?s great bigots: absolutely intolerant of any opinion but their own.

They stridently demand that everyone accommodate their opinions, whilst utterly refusing to even listen to anyone else?s. When professor Bret Weinstein tried to explain that he wanted a dialectic with the (mostly white, mostly female) students demanding his resignation, if they wanted to hear what he had to say, they immediately screamed ?No!? and burst into tears (cry-bullying being the standard tactic of ?progressives?). Quote:

If Hollywood ever becomes so radical that it no longer has space even for Hillsong, then Hollywood will stand opposed to the American experiment itself. End of quote.


Too late: it already has, and it already is.