Put down that steak, fatty. You?re killing the planet!

Steak being cut

Kate King at One News reports on the latest attempt to use global warming as a means of social control. quote.

Quote:There is no way to say it politely ? New Zealanders are getting fatter.

One in three adults are now considered obese, killing more people than cancer.

And now there is mounting evidence that weight gain is not just bad for our health, but for the planet.End of quote.

Take that, fatties!

Quote:A global report [?] said the underlying issues causing obesity are the same ones causing climate change.

[…] As the waistlines expand, so do consumer demands, which lead to an increase in food production, transportation and waste. All of which produce emissions.End of quote.

Which makes sense, admittedly. quote.

Quote:The report, published in medical science journal The Lancet, argues that climate change and obesity need to be treated together.End of quote.

Except eating more food doesn?t necessarily lead to obesity. For instance, cyclists eat a lot. Pretty ironic considering the smug from road maggots consists 75 percent of ?I?m saving the planet?. This means we need to get rid of cycle lanes and ban cyclists. After all, the planet is at stake! quote.

Quote:?Leaders must take a hard line against powerful commercial interests and rethink global economic incentives within the food system,” it states.?End of quote.

Does that include conglomerates of farmers and?businesses like Fonterra? quote.

Quote:[…] A key recommendation from the report is the formation of a global treaty to limit the political influence of “big food”.

Associate Transport and Health Minister Julie Anne Genter agreed climate change and obesity are inexplicably linked, and Government needs a greater focus on prevention.

[?]?The big businesses who are profiting from this often try to frame it as though governments are taking away individual choice, when in fact public policy is about protecting people’s health and climate,” she said.End of quote.

Yeah, nah. What we?re worried about is having to pay extra taxes just because we happen to like bacon, all in the name of a cause we don?t believe in.

It?s the same old pattern.

  • Pick a target
  • Demonise it
  • Demonise those who support the target

I say resist this attack on our human rights.

Eat more meat!