Reason 142 why public transport is for ‘ other people’

A businesswoman waits for a bus to arrive.

It is my observation that people and particularly politicians who wax lyrical about public transport the most, want it to exist for ‘other people.’ They prefer their ministerial limos and their wildly expensive virtue-signaling electric cars or even their hypocritical petrol fueled cars; thank you very much.

Well, the ‘other people’ from the North Shore were shafted and left high and dry by public transport yesterday morning, thanks to a bus strike that occured without any notice at all! The bus drivers simply walked off the job.

This is yet another reason to add to a long list of reasons why public transport is not a solution for the common man. Even if a person is fortunate enough to live close enough to a bus stop so that the bus can get them to and from work in time, they remain hostage to the actions of unions. quote.

[…] Auckland Transport (AT) said services would return to schedule after the earlier strike without notice on Tuesday morning.
AT said the strike was affecting 15 NZ Bus services […]

“It wasn’t an advised strike. They just walked off the job.”

[…] Emir Hodzic, First Union’s bus sector coordinator, said the union had not been made aware of the driver-led protest before it happened.
He said the drivers had walked off the job this morning due to “management issues” not being resolved.

[…] Last week, a number of bus services from West Auckland were affected after NZ Bus staff held a protest at its Swanson depot. end quote.